Here’s the secret to growing your empire…

It’s not having the perfect operational or tactical strategy…

The perfect lead generation, or sales funnel, or marketing plan, or message, or team, or business systems, or program…

It’s not looking GOOD, surrounded by prospects and clients who think you walk on water…

It’s not reaching a certain financial marker…

Here’s the secret, are you ready?

This is what it REALLY takes to grow your empire:

Understanding how to take a spiritually strategic approach to growth.

This looks like:

– Being the source of your own abundance

– Trusting yourself 100%

– Backing yourself 100%

– When the shit hits the fan knowing that you will find your way forward

– Releasing the hustle, the grind, the DOING so you can BE the empire leader

– Knowing when and how you self-sabotage and what to do about it

– Leading with your soul; doing your art for art’s sake

– Being willing to walk away from ANYTHING that is not in alignment for you, even if that means losing money, or clients, or prestige, or whatever you think success is

When you claim that your business is the platform for your own spiritual evolution…

When you know beyond the shadow of a doubt that all you need to do each day is show up in SERVICE to your SOUL…

When you know how to DISCERN what is in and out of alignment for you…

When you understand how to shift your own ENERGY…

When you are able to return to FLOW over and over again…

When you’re willing to SEE yourself clearly….

When you know how to BACK yourself 100%…

That is when you begin building your empire.

It’s partnership with your HIGHEST SELF.

It is the penultimate FREEDOM.

It is WHY you are here on this planet, at this particular time.

It is how you truly begin to TRANSFORM consciousness.

It’s how you EVOLVE as a being.

It’s the true path to abundance for conscious entrepreneurs.

Or, you know, you could keep thinking you need more operational and tactical strategy. Your call.

What will you do today to GROW YOUR EMPIRE?

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