Your Next Level Transformation Begins NOW.

The truth is you are not a star. You are the entire f*cking Universe.

The world is eagerly waiting for you to step it up, be more of you, and transform consciousness on this giant blue ball we’re all riding on through space. 

THAT is how we save our planet. 

That is how we evolve as a species. 

By you surrendering to your purpose and upgrading to your next level self.

You are here because you’re ready to play a bigger game
and have a massive impact. 

You were born to lead people into their well being.

The world needs you to be more of YOU.

It’s time to step into your next level. 

To literally create your own reality, 10x.

You can disrupt + transform your entire f*cking paradigm
about what is possible for yourself and for the world.

How do you do that? You catalyze the…

Without each of these pillars in place,
it will be nearly impossible to breakthrough to your next level.

Let’s reframe and redefine what desire is REALLY. De-sire means “for the children.” Desire is connected to your divine essence. It is that which is longed for – and it is also what is divinely given and what is our divine birthright. Desire is not another way to judge yourself for what you do not yet have. 

We all have secret desires. When we hide from them (or when they are hidden to us) we stop ourselves from next level growth. At each new income level your desires will change. From making more money, to having all the things, to claiming bigger impact, to serving more people, to cultivating more freedom, to being able to exist in new ways. 

This is about deepening into your next level desire so that it honors your core soul expression.

Our internal beliefs dictate our external reality. We all have beliefs that limit our expansion, and these beliefs are revealed like the layers of an onion as we grow our businesses (and ourselves!).

This is about collapsing the belief systems that no longer serve you and shifting the paradigm of what is truly possible for you. Is your focus on transaction or transformation? Because when you run out of time, you disallow scalability. Are you giving yourself massive permission to make more than enough? Is it time to release your BFF, named Shame, or the fear of visibility and rejection, that are holding you back from your greatness? 

This is granting yourself an even more expansive definition of freedom – and releasing the belief that growth = hardship.
This is claiming your limitlessness.

Most conscious entrepreneurs unknowingly abdicate power. We wait for the Universe, God, the next business or mindset coach, the next vendor or team member, or something outside of us to dictate our success or let us know that we are on the right path. 

We also abdicate power to our mindset. We *think* that if we just had more positive thoughts and imagined that we would be more successful everything would finally work. These are passive forms of power. We think that in order to receive we must passively allow, but the truth is that creation mastery is about co-creating WITH the Universe. Knowing that you are already God and taking action from that knowledge.

The truth is that you don’t need any external signs. You don’t just need the right mindset. You need to decide that you are the powerful creator of your reality and learn to work with the Universe instead of in response to it. You must decide to build the plane while you are flying it.

Creation mastery is about shifting out of the passive approach and becoming a powerful decision-maker and
aligned action-taker.

You cannot vibrationally attract a next level result by hanging out in your current vibration. In order to catalyze and engage with new results you must elevate your personal, business, and financial vibration. This is about aligning your 5th dimension, 4th dimension, and 3rd dimension realities. This is about having the inspired idea (5D), bringing it into conscious awareness via thought (4D), and then acting on it (3D). This is beyond changing your mind, this is changing your frequency. 

Most of us fall out of alignment between the 5th and 4th dimensions and then take action in the 3D that is completely unaligned to our desires. 

When you understand how to remain aligned in the 5D-4D-3D abundance is the only natural result. 

Sovereign leadership keeps the focus on your values. When you know what your values are, you create congruency and alignment in your business, because the foundation of your business is built on your values and they form the lens through which you make decisions. 

The goal is to know what your Soul values, and to continually tune your mind and your actions toward your values. For example, your ego may desire money, but if your soul values freedom, you must learn to integrate freedom into your biz model to allow for more money to flow toward you.

This type of leadership keeps your mind and your soul tuned toward opportunity and away from servitude. 

Aligned decision-making is at the heart of expansion. Powerful decisions and declarations that are aligned to our soul are always at the beginning of every movement or empire. 

Without that powerful “never again,” or “THIS is what I declare for my life, this outcome, this scenario,” or my personal favorite, “F*ck this sh*t, what else is possible?,” we remain the victim of the strongest vibrational current around us.

Many times, these powerful declarations require us to take action that currently feels uncomfortable because it will move us into our next vibrational state. When you continue to back away from these powerful decisions in order to remain as comfortable as possible, or because you choose to interpret the discomfort as a warning signal, or because you are unwilling to put yourself first, you sacrifice your growth. Every time. 

When we step forward and make decisions that benefit ourselves we allow the experience of our own greatness.

Next level growth requires giving yourself massive permission to be limitless, awesome, sovereign, exceptional, and fully supported. When you engage with this level of permission-giving you are able to understand your non-negotiables. What is a non-negotiable for you at this stage of your business growth? Daily/weekly self-care? Hiring a new team member? Investing in that next mentor? No longer doing X so you can spend more time doing your zone of genius? 

With each next level growth you perceive even more intimately that you are no longer all things in your business. In fact, you acknowledge that trying to be the best at everything actually stifles your growth. 

This is about giving yourself permission to call in, receive, and appreciate even more support.

Stop creating situations that you must survive. For example, are you telling yourself you just need to be “tougher,” you need to work harder, or that it’s ok “for now”, if you aren’t getting enough rest or love or compensation? If you are in survival mode it is because you keep creating situations in which you simply survive, not thrive. When you radiate resiliency, your confidence is strong, your belief in yourself is unwavering, and you know how to manage your mindset for greatness. 


This is about normalizing your birthright to thrive:
transforming your limiting patterns, building your core to receive more, and leading your business (and yourself) with resiliency.

Your messaging reflects your vibration. When you are aligned with your next level, inspired ideas flow. You become magnetic. You emanate your own message. You surrender to the truth that your soul has to offer and your messaging mirrors that truth. Your ideal clients know, unequivocally, that you and your service/product are exactly what they need and desire. 

This is the experience of literally being unable to hold back,
when sharing your message becomes more compelling to you than failure or success.

Being a goose laying golden eggs requires turning up the volume on self care. This isn’t about adding more bubble baths and champagne. This is radically stripping away the things that compete for and deplete your bandwidth. This is mercilessly and meticulously pruning the rose bushes of your life and business. 


This is the embodiment of your life becoming more fun,  expansive, supported, playful, and fulfilling  – the more you commit to your soul purpose.


Are you ready to
learn how to integrate and embody these pillars
to catalyze your next level growth?

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