Empire [em-pahyuh r]:
sovereignty; a powerful + important enterprise led by a single person.

You are here to build a legacy, and an empire. You are a purpose-driven entrepreneur who loves making good money but more importantly loves cultivating your deepest desires and your BIG WHY.

You already have success.
You already lead with your zone of genius in your business.

What you need now is to step into a bigger version of yourself in order to grow your own empire. You understand that what got your business to six-figures will not get you to the next level. You’re not sure exactly how to get to the next level, and you are seriously scared. You have so much on the line and no time to waste. You can actually see your business starting to move backwards.

You’re stuck.

Your thinking has reached a whole new level of chaos, and you’re emotions are going bat-shit crazy. You find yourself unconsciously sabotaging yourself – making stupid and costly mistakes.

That is normal,
because there is part of you that is resisting this new level of growth.

You have become the biggest roadblock to your own success. Perhaps you don’t even like who you have become. That has caused you to stop liking your business as well!

And you know if you don’t do something different, right now, your business will move backward and you will lose the momentum of success you have built for yourself.

There may also be a part of you who has been traumatized from working with a business coach who wanted to cram you into their one-size-fits-all business formula, and who got increasingly frustrated with you when their system didn’t work for you. In fact, it might have felt completely disheartening when you couldn’t make their business formula work.

One-size-fits-all business formulas do not work for conscious entrepreneurs.

What works is being in alignment with YOU and how you function best as an entrepreneur.

              You’re a conscious entrepreneur who is all about breaking the rules.

And the only way to generate sustainable abundance for you is to create your own business model. On top of that …

How YOU show up in your business matters.

Success in business is 10% execution and logistics and 90% managing YOU – your energy, your beliefs, your mindset, your decisions + choices and your ability, or inability, to take action.

The more money you make, the more managing YOU becomes non-negotiable.

That proving, strategy-oriented, pushy version of you can get you to six-figures. But it won’t get you to that next level. In fact, it will start to bite you in the ass, because the more your consciousness grows, the more you have to incorporate ease and allowing into your business, and old strategies of proving and strategy stop working as well. Your empire will not sustain itself on strategy alone. It’s not about trying harder, it’s about allowing a beautiful blend of mindset and alignment.

You’re ready to break some rules
and grow your empire in a way that works for you!

You get that being visible and authentic, and managing what happens in your mindset + energy + emotions, is the key to empire-building.

You have it in you to change the outcome of your business.

You already know who you are and how you tick. You are capable of shifting mindset when you become aware of what is blocking you. You have the capacity to trust yourself, follow your intuition, and be bold. But, like most entrepreneurs, you forget. Some of us forget 487 times a day. Part of the reason you forget is because everything in you is trying to keep you safe.

According to your subconscious
the best way to keep you safe is to keep you the same.

So you literally forget how to become different. That’s why you need a mentor, to help you get out of your own way. WE all need help remembering our genius, bold, awesome, badass selves.

How do you grow an empire?

You grow an empire with mentorship.

You need a mentor who can see you at soul-level, who truly gets your gifts and what you’re up to in the world, and who has the business savvy to help you grow your business. You don’t need to replicate someone else’s business model or hire a mentor who will yell at you and tell you you’re doing it wrong, and get obsessive-compulsive about keeping you in action.

I have yet to meet a successful 6 or 7 figure entrepreneur who has not invested significantly in mentorship. Even today, mentoring remains my largest yearly business investment, because being mentored is what allows me, and my business, to continue to grow exponentially.

You need someone who understands that being an entrepreneur is a spiritual journey and a recipe for self knowledge – who is going to help you deal with the enormous amount of subconscious mindset stuff that shows up when you are growing an empire. You need someone who will help you get out of your own way, who won’t bullshit you or try and make you do things their way.

The philosophy behind my mentoring is simple: that conscious entrepreneurs experience abundance when their businesses are aligned to their deepest soul expression.

The more conscious we are, the more we need to keep in alignment with our soul expression. And when we design our business from our soul, we create a lasting unique business model that wants to create abundance for us!

I believe that the world is READY for new models of what it means to live abundantly and do business well, and it’s conscious entrepreneurs who stand positioned to bring this much-needed healing to the world.

In order to get into alignment with your soul expression you have to understand who you are at soul level AND manage your mindset + energy + emotions. Because your conscious and subconscious mindset interferes with your soul expression. Your energy can flatline your business. And your emotions can bring you to your knees.

You must learn to become aware of what blocks you from your soul, and learn how to clear it and move through it in order to grow a soul-based empire.

My experience of conscious entrepreneurs is that many have been told how they do business is inappropriate and that they need to sit down, shut up, and fit inside of someone else’s box. That causes these entrepreneurs to doubt themselves, belittle themselves, and squash their intuition.

I am here to tell you from lived experience that the biggest gift you can give yourself as a conscious entrepreneur is to remember how to trust your intuition, give yourself courage to break some rules, and do business ONLY in a way that truly works for you and is in alignment with YOU.

As a conscious entrepreneur, you cannot grow an empire until you figure out how to align your business with your soul. You cannot grow an empire until you learn to manage your mindset + energy + emotions.

My mentorship isn’t for everyone.

I’m a business mentor with a seminary degree and mad-genius psychic skills. While I care about business strategy and planning, that is not my primary focus. My focus is YOU, what happens with your mindset + energy + emotions, and your soul’s deepest expression and desire for your life and business.

Here’s my deal: I am incredibly non-judgmental. I see all of who you are. I cannot help but speak the truth. I curse. I snort. I have unwavering faith in God, in Spirit, in Universal Law. I stand for YOU, not your stories or the limited version of yourself that might show up in your business. I call out the biggest version of YOU. I laugh a lot. I love my clients fiercely. I only mentor entrepreneurs I believe in who want to up-level consciousness on this planet.

In mentoring sessions we dive into your relationship with God/Spirit and your subconscious, because I’m a gladiator when it comes to blasting through resistance and mindset crap. We explore your faith (or lack of faith), your desire, your beliefs + values, your frame of mind, your resistance, and your soul expression in your business.

If I agree to mentor you, there is nothing you can tell me as my client that will cause me to NOT want to support you 100%. I will have your back, and I will not let you fail.

As your mentor, I will see you clearly – even the parts of yourself that you think you are successfully hiding or that you don’t want to be made visible. To mentor successfully, you must be willing to play in the sandbox with me, so that together we can help you step into your greatness. Together, we create sacred space that allows all of you to show up.

I will always be authentic and truthful with you, in loving service to the best version of YOU. As a truth teller I will tell you exactly what the problem is in your business and what the cost will be if you don’t fix the problem.

When you are growing an empire your mindset, energy, emotions and your soul expression matter much more than strategy and planning. Your strategy and planing will NOT work if you are the problem in your business.

You may think that you need more strategy, but that won’t work if you are the one creating problems in your business.

A lot of times YOU are the problem in your business.

To mentor with me, you have to be willing to solve the problem – you have to be willing to step into a different version of yourself, make decisions, move through resistance, and be good with being in the unknown. You also have to be willing to be visible and authentic, and release ways of being that no longer serve you.

What’s the Impact of Mentoring?

After working with me my clients know exactly who they are and how they are designed to function as entrepreneurs. They are decisive, disciplined, spiritually-grounded warriors who love all aspects of their businesses and lead with their souls. They trust their intuition, move through resistance, and are willing to step forward into the unknown in faith. And they get phenomenal results.

Does that sound like you? Have you longed for a business mentor who also has the spiritual know-how, the psychic gifts, the business savvy, and the gladiator mindset skills to get you to a new level in your business?

If so, check out my mentoring programs!

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