Episode Overview:

In this episode of the Cleared for Profit series, Emma talks with Winnie Anderson.  Winnie works with introverted coaches, consultants and other service experts to help them identify and break through the patterns of behavior that are holding them back.

She and Emma talk about how trauma-related issues such as compulsive people-pleasing, fear of speaking out, fear of facing the truth and perfectionism can significantly impact your business as an entrepreneur and what to do about it.

Winnie also shares the idea of ‘playing a role in the movie of other people’s lives’ and how understanding this can transform your response to traumatic experiences.  Plus, learn about the critical importance of compassion and self-forgiveness in addressing the trauma patterns in your business.

Guest Information

Introverted coaches and consultants love what they do but hate getting clients. They struggle to get noticed, deal with feast or famine cycles, and don’t make the impact or create the life they dreamed about when first going out on their own.

Winnie Anderson helps clients get clear on how to achieve their big mission, summon the courage to move forward, and build a solid foundation for their success. Her clients recognize how behavior and thought patterns which developed as a result of trauma experienced in the past actively hold them back today.

Her clients let go of self-defeating thoughts and disempowering patterns to gain the confidence needed to get their message out, position and pre-sell themselves as the trusted advisor they are, and begin to achieve the success the dream of and deserve.

Visit Winnie’s website and check out a page she created for guests of this show, with resources relevant to this podcast.


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