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Join us as Emma speaks with Mike Iamele, mentor for spiritual entrepreneurs and author of Enough Already: Create Success On Your Own Terms.  They discuss how Mike helps clients reframe their life’s purpose as context, not content.

Listen in as Emma shares a personal traumatic experience and Mike helps her integrate the trauma using energetic narrative therapy.

Guest Information

Mike Iamele is an author, a mentor for spiritual entrepreneurs, and a sought-after expert on life purpose.

Through his renowned Sacred Branding™ work, as well as his provocative Sacred
Circles, Mike has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs—from small startups to seven-
figure business owners—to completely re-conceptualize the way they think of
branding, making money, building a business, and even life purpose.


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Emma Churchman
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  1. jane Roberts

    Emma, that was amazing. You and Mike are both magical!
    Truly, the story was deeply powerful and meaningful–full of love and light. Just like you.
    The truth of it moved it. And I can see how narrative makes a huge difference.
    Thoughts are things, and changing our thoughts has the power to change our minds, and our changed minds change everything.
    After all, if we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change.


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