Here’s what I find totally fascinating about a lot of conscious entrepreneurs: we have this gorgeous ability to get in touch with our soul and trust our intuition and we have a deep desire to do both of these things.

But then our brain gets in the way and trips us up, or our brain can’t keep up with what our soul desires, or our brain patterning keeps us thinking thoughts that are no longer relevant to our current experience.

This is a really significant concept, so I want to make sure you get it.

When you recognize that you are a spiritual being having a human experience, and when you recognize that your soul is leading in your business, you basically have to change your relationship to your own brain. Because your brain can’t keep up with your soul!

Your soul is not limited by time or by the physical dimension. Your brain is limited in lots of ways – it can only see what it is pre-programmed to see. It can only conceptualize based on its past experiences, whereas your soul can fly by leaps and bounds, faster than a speeding bullet (yep, just like Superman). Your brain is like Clark Kent, the reporter who is well intentioned, kinda sexy (in a nerdy way), and playing it safe.

So how do you bring your brain on board so that your soul can fly in your business?

First, you’ve got to recognize a couple of key things about your brain. First, it always wants to keep the status quo, and it’s always categorizing things (especially new actions in our business) by whether or not they are safe.

For the record, anything “new” is unknown, and therefore unsafe from your brain’s perspective.

This goes back to our greatest instinct – to experience the familiar.

Your brain’s job is to make sure that you limit these new experiences. So every new experience can even subtly trigger a fight or flight response, and your nervous system is triggered anytime your brain is considering if your safety, love or belonging are in question.

In order to allow your brain to catch up with your soul’s flight path all parts of your brain have to get on board with it being safe to take new action. The new action can’t be a threat to love, safety or belonging – and then your rational brain has to be interested in the new idea as well.

The most powerful way we can rewire our brain to fly alongside our soul in our business is by creating a new experience.

Cartoon brain holding up index finger and giving advice. Remember we re-create experiences of our past because our brain knows we can survive it. It’s the familiar, it knows we can survive. So when we create a new experience, we are actually re-wiring the brain and the brain goes, “Oh! wait a minute, it’s actually safe. Hold on, I just made $10,000 in 5 minutes and lived to tell the tale.”

Initially your brain will freak out about that and will want to return to the old way, but when we recreate the new experience over and over and over again your brain eventually learns that it is safe. It learns that this new action is good, that this is the new normal.

In order for that to happen, we want to make the new experience happen fast. It’s kind of like the brain doesn’t have a chance to object. We want to make it happen quickly, so it goes, “Oh! wait, I didn’t have time to notice,” and put the brakes on.

Let me ask you some questions related to this so we can really hone in on how your brain stops you.

Begin by deciding on an outcome you would like to create.

  1. What has stood in your way or stopped you from having that outcome in the past? OR… What would you have lost or what difficulties would you have encountered if you made this change in the past?
  2. Are you aware of any problems or difficulties that might happen if you had that now?
  3. Does any part of you object to having this outcome? Who might be affected if you created this outcome?
  4. If someone else got this outcome, not you, but someone else like you, what could get in the way or cause problems? What kind of trouble might that person get themselves into?
  5. What unconscious agreements have you made with other people to keep you from changing?

Want a quick reference for these questions? Download the Cheatsheet for Rewiring Your Brain.

When you can identify what, if anything, is creating a lack of safety, you can then set up conditions to make it safe and have what you want. So, what is a leading cause of not feeling safe? Other people.

Remember the decisions about what’s safe and not safe is they are constructed in our imagined past and imagined future relationships with other people. This might be friends, family, community, the world, or even your close community – especially for spiritually conscious entrepreneurs. Your map of safety is the sum total of these relationships in the imagined past and imagined future.

Sometimes we make very conscious agreements with a spiritual community or teacher that really, really put the brakes on us stepping into our power. There are lot of unconscious and conscious agreements especially around keeping ourselves small with money, for example, because making more money would threaten our sense of belonging.

Your goal is to get in touch with what unconscious agreements you have made in your life that might be really running the show and keeping you from manifesting what it is that you want.

And, to remind yourself, when needed – download the Cheatsheet for Rewiring Your Brain.

Let me know what you discover about yourself and how your brain stops you in the comments below!

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