I’m an intuitive business coach for conscious entrepreneurs and corporations, which is something that I could not have said at the beginning of my mastermind experience with Emma. At that time I was the owner and operate of a large, successful, multi-six figure fitness business, that I had had for eight years.

I started working with Emma because nothing I had done from a traditional standpoint was producing results in my business any longer. I had rapid success over the first several years of my business, and then a new path and new soul gifts began emerging and I spent several years ignoring those signs – instead trying to force things to work in my business. Nothing I tried, from personal development coaching to business coaching, helped.

The reason I wanted to work with Emma and be a part of her Mastermind is I could tell that Emma is brilliant at what she does – she understands business on the 3D level but also is able to bring in the energetic and spiritual components, which were exactly what I had been searching for.

The combination of educational coursework, having the interaction with Emma and coaching whenever I needed it, and then also masterminding with other business owners was spot on. It was the most powerful combination that allowed me to make the courageous decision to close my fitness to business to fully step into my newly discovered purpose.

To be honest I feel lighter, freer, and more expansive than I have, ever. This has been the most phenomenal experience for me and completely worthwhile.

If you are looking to really deepen into your purpose, and you have done all of the things, you’ve been successful, you’ve gotten all of the outside trappings, and know what they can and cannot do for you, and you’re really ready to deepen in and to live your life from purpose and earn from purpose, then this program is where you need to be.

Sharleen Froats
Intuitive Business Coach for Conscious Entrepreneurs and Corporations


I joined Emma’s mastermind because I was seeking a soulful, super savvy coach. I was also craving the wisdom of other established leaders who operate their businesses from a place of purpose. Anyone can run a business – it was important for me to be surrounded by leaders who architected their businesses to support the life they want to live, in all respects.

This mastermind was so helpful in taking me from a place of good to extreme greatness. I’ve fallen in love with my companies all over again and I am more in tune and aligned with the clients and work I want to attract.

I didn’t expect this program would cut subliminal ties that were holding me back from flying to the next level. I invested in this program to grow my business; what I also ended up with was a massive investment in myself. As a leader, you cannot pour from an empty cup. Nourishing myself with wisdom, community, and support helped me to grow in such a powerful way emotionally, spiritually, intellectually, giving me such a new perspective on who I am, what my value is, and where I can go. It also gave me the permission to fly to the next level in my life and business!

I did not expect to wrap up this program connected with women I will know and love for the rest of my life. It has been so inspiring to watch the whole group grow in this program in really meaningful ways – that is the beauty of the mastermind. It is very aligned with who you are as a person, your heart and soul. Expect magic to happen. This is a journey that will take your company to a new level!

Lorrie Thomas Ross
The Marketing Therapist®


Before Grow Your Empire, I was on a financial roller coaster in my business. I was making money, and had success as a six figure entrepreneur, but I wasn’t able to hold onto the money. I was continually launching and selling new programs to try to get ahead of the curve ball financially, but continually marketing and selling wasn’t getting me the results I knew I was truly capable of.

I thought my problem was that I wasn’t selling enough, and that I needed to focus more on lead generation in order to scale to a multi-six figure business.

Through Grow Your Empire I was able to recognize that the actual problem was that I was not a vibrational match to the income I wanted to receive. I was stuck in a pattern of self-sabotage that was so deeply ingrained within me that even as a mindset coach I couldn’t see it clearly for myself.

This program, and being mentored by Emma, taught me how to surrender and allow. I learned that planning and strategizing isn’t what needed to happen to build my empire: feeling safe in the world and in my business was. During this program I had my biggest sales month ever: $56k! I feel much more centered and grounded and confident in my business. I know that I am exactly where I need to be, that peace, joy and prosperity is available to me right now. My last month in the program was my easiest sales month in the history of my business: I made money while I vacationed, and even had a client pay in full for private mentoring with me! I understand now that growing my empire can be easy when I surrender, allow, and receive.

Rashida Gaye
MindShift Life


When I found Emma Churchman, I was completely burned out in my business. From the outside, it probably looked like things were great, but they weren’t.

I had been pushing and hustling as hard as I could, following all the rules and checking off all the right boxes. I had great clients, but I was working way too hard.

What had started as exciting adventure had turned into drudge that was zapping my joy and creativity. During the Grow Your Empire program, I learned how to create a business that was life-giving and honored my innate energy and talent.

More importantly, I learned how to access my inner wisdom, trust myself and give myself permission to do business in the way that was most aligned to me. As a result, everything became easier. I attracted ideal clients, made more more money with less effort and left feeling empowered and happy.

Emma is the best and I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for a coach with integrity, wisdom and the strength to keep you accountable to your own desire.”

Heather Poduska
Star Maker


I joined Emma’s Mastermind program because I needed support for my growth and elevation – to help me define how to remain on track to make big leaps and have big impact in the world. I also desired a mentor with a deep connection to soul, and a spiritual connection, who understands that we operate on the earthly plane but also operate with the cosmos and the entire Universe as one entity working together on our big projects.

With the mastermind I needed accountability, so being with a group of powerful entrepreneurs traversing the path of impact was important to me. My colleagues in the Mastermind were people I could count on to be there for me each step of the way. They knew they could rely on me to do my good work, so they could also grow and do their best work

Throughout the program I consistently had awakenings of coming into greater alignment with what it was I truly desired. In the Mastermind there was true recognition that no matter what my heart desired it was valued and valuable.

I never realized how much I had conditions in the work I did, such as a belief that I would have to fit what I desired into a box that was conventional and made sense to other people. The more I released my need to please, to be accepted, to be liked and valued by other people, I was able to step into my true and authentic identity in this world. Emma’s mastermind program showed me exactly how to do this.

Marisol Colette
Therapeutic Image Consultant


Before joining Grow Your Empire I was running a thriving jewelry business but knew I wanted to uplevel my coaching practice. I had been coaching for 15 years, but wasn’t making the money I wanted, and I wasn’t coaching the people I really wanted to be impacting.

During Grow Your Empire I finished the draft of my first book, rebranded myself as a Money Coach for Creatives, raised my prices, and created sales funnels and a marketing strategy that is aligned with a vision that is beyond what I imagined before this program. By the end of GYE, I was playing at and showing up at a whole new level in my life and work. Being part of a cohort was priceless because I always received immediately feedback and support whenever I posted in our private Facebook group.

Grow Your Empire upleveled my perception of what is possible. The container for this program is SO solid, there was always support and encouragement for stepping into your highest potential. There was no space for limiting beliefs. I learned a ton about how I actually manifest, and what it looks like to take aligned action.

To top all of that, Emma’s truth bombs and kick ass questions helped me to consistently come back to alignment and focus on the bigger picture of what I desired. If you are ready to grow your empire, enroll in this program! It will change YOU, your life, and your business!

Jen Aly
Money Coach for Creatives


Before Grow Your Empire I had been running a full chiropractic clinic. I was doing what I was trained to do, but I wasn’t entirely happy. I knew there was something more for me, but I wasn’t sure how to do more of what I loved in my own business. Being in a Mastermind with other conscious entrepreneurs was very eye opening and empowering. Through witnessing others, and having them witness me, I could see all the ways I was devaluing rather than empowering myself.

The level of support and accountability in the cohort was a game changer for me. Emma holds such non-judgmental space that causes everyone to show up fully. In Grow Your Empire I could see how I was settling in my business. I could see that how much I chose to show up in the program, with myself, and in my business had a HUGE impact on my results.

Participating in Grow Your Empire caused me to leave my chiropractic business, and truly step into my genius as an intuitive healer. During the program I more consistently owned my abilities and my power and started truly leading my business with my intuition.

The icing on the cake? I made more money than I ever have in the history of my business doing what I love, AND have the freedom to do my work from anywhere in the world!

Dr. Jenn Hatfield
Intuitive Phoenix


I chose to join Emma’s mastermind program because while business was good, it could have been better. I also knew that I would need some serious accountability. Her insight is spot on and she doesn’t sugar coat any of it (which I appreciate). The community that comes along with the program as a whole makes is so much more impactful; I had women on this journey WITH me. Women who are now sisters. Women whom I love and are excited for their wins as well!

I couldn’t have done any of that without Emma’s group. I couldn’t have scaled my business with any kind of success without the group as a sounding board. I couldn’t have seen my own bullshit for exactly what it was without her insight. It is absolutely the best decision I’ve made in my business in a year, easily. Thank you, Emma!

Cat Ford-Coates
Portrait Photographer
Studio 828 Photography



My business really was not where I needed to be when I began Emma’s mastermind. I began to recognize some significant problems in my business during this program. I was the publisher of a magazine, and was in the process of expanding the magazine and replicating it in other towns, and had to completely rethink that in the middle of the mastermind, because I could see based on my soul profile that running a magazine was not a good fit for my skills and genius. During the Mastermind I began to see where I wasn’t showing up strongly in my life or business – and that I was putting more into my business than getting out of it.

Emma takes a much different approach than most business coaches. She uses her intuition and psychic ability and is able to see the root causes and issues of problems in life and business. She’s able to cut to the heart of what’s really going on quickly, and with ease and grace. Emma and the group completely supported me in closing my business.

What surprised me most about this mastermind was that I expected one thing and got something completely different. As a result of participating in this program, I now own myself and see myself in a way I never have before.  If you really want success in your life hire a coach, and consider Emma’s Mastermind, because it is a good program and the participants walk their talk, as does Emma.

Sandra Grace
Speaker, Trainer, Author


I came to Emma during a time when I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to be doing. I was in deep conflict over my place in the world, my calling and my purpose. I own a business that was causing me a lot of stress and fear and those emotions were keeping me from fully living or expressing my gifts.

Working with Emma over the past year, I have developed a very clear idea of where I am going, who I am, and what is mine to do in this world. I have been able to reduce my fear significantly, have grown my business and have made the time to pursue other interests like writing, speaking and going back to school!

Emma is very honest, grounded and FUNNY! I instantly warmed to her natural candor and easy-going approach. She is a great listener but, equally good at “reigning in” when necessary. Emma helped me to learn that my soul purpose is to serve, inspire and to “heal” others. No matter what physical form that takes, as far as a “job”, my true occupation is not what I do….but who I am and what I give to others.

Murphy Funkhouser Capps
Kudzu Brands CEO; Creative Director


I hired Emma when the Universe gave me a BIG signal that I needed to create something revolutionary in my business. She supported my bigger vision brilliantly, helping me to get “Legendary Self” and “Being Mythic” out into the world within a month.

The “Energy In Business” report and “Manifesting Operating System” she created for me are worth their weight in gold, all by themselves! Months after our original contract is over, I’m still referring to them weekly and even sent them to a new assistant, so that she could get a good handle on how I work right away.

Another piece that I loved with Emma was her monthly update on how aligned I was with my goals in certain areas. Within 2 months I went from clients being 18% aligned to 100% aligned! That kind of reassurance isn’t available everywhere, and it’s what I consider her “secret sauce.” Finally, as someone who’s been channeling Akashic Records professionally for 7 years now, I’m quite particular about whom I will let channel for me. I can say that Emma’s skills are rock solid. During our sessions she had us both open my Records and we got answers together.

It was a potent and supportive partnership, but she never failed to hold a hard line when I needed it.

Elizabeth Locey, Ph.D.
Oracle, Wayshower, Mythic Midwife

Case Study:

Marketing Consultant Turned Erotic Energy Coach

Adam Nicholson

After listening to a few of Emma’s podcast episodes, I was blown away. Her presence, intuition, and coaching skills came through so clearly. I knew immediately I wanted to work with her.

When I first started my marketing business it experienced rapid growth and was doing relatively well. Big clients landed in my lap and I was making more money than I ever had as a salaried employee. But I wasn’t happy.

As I was growing my marketing business, I’d also been doing deeper into my spiritual practice and, pretty quickly, I realized that my path was not going to be as a digital marketer. But of course, I resisted. I thought I had to stay in digital marketing. I was making money and I had good clients. I didn’t think I could stop the marketing work to go be a ‘healer,’ which is what I really wanted to do.

So, I began targeting my digital marketing services to conscious entrepreneurs. I was too scared to actually be a conscious entrepreneur so I thought working with them would bring me satisfaction. Instead I experienced lots of stress because all of my existing marketing clients left and I wasn’t able to land any new ones. I was completely out of alignment.

I’d been doing my own coaching and healing on the side. I work with medicinal aromatherapy, Biofield Tuning, and erotic energy healing. I was scared to death to talk about these things with anyone and I couldn’t imagine making any money from them. I certainly didn’t trust myself enough to think I could make a living from the work.

When I reached out to Emma I wanted her to help me make money from my digital marketing business. I thought she could do that for me and that I could continue to work in a job that was not fulfilling while doing my healing on the side.

That fantasy was shattered pretty quickly into my first session with Emma. She immediately tapped into where my energy was and guided to a place I’d been way too scared to visit on my own.

After three weeks of working with Emma, she took me from whispering about my erotic energy healing work to posting about it on social media. She helped me overcome some of my biggest fears and helped me to stand in my own authority and say what I wanted.

When that happened, everything started moving with more ease, with more speed, and with bigger outcomes.

I made $8,000 in the first month of going public with my new healing business – more than I had ever imagined receiving for erotic energy coaching!

Other things shifted to: I moved to NYC to be closer to potential clients – a move I’d never imagined and that took more trust in myself than I thought was possible. I began landing more consultations than I ever had. Content became easier to produce because, for the first time in my life, I was doing what I wanted to be doing. My website visits and site interactions began rising to levels I’d never experienced before. Most importantly, everything became easier.

I learned to get out of my own way. One of the biggest struggles I had in this transition was trusting myself. I didn’t trust myself with money, with clients, or with myself. I had always approached money from a lack mentality and didn’t really know how to exist outside of that. As a result of coaching with Emma I forged a new relationship with money. Emma’s teaching on sales completely transformed the way I showed up for myself and for potential clients in sales calls.

To be honest, it is incredibly hard to put down on paper the impact that Emma has had on my business. It is hard because while I have seen changes and improvements to the metrics I track for my business (revenue, sales calls, conversions, content creation, etc…), the biggest shifts have happened at the soul level.

I never fully understood what it meant to live a soul-aligned life, a truly authentic life. To be sure, I still don’t have that, but I have glimpsed it. My work with Emma gave me a new benchmark for my journey and one that I yearn for. It is a path of fulfillment, satisfaction, and pure pleasure.

Before Emma, I had compartmentalized so much of my life. I had separate buckets for work, political friends, healer friends, gay friends, and my spiritual journey. Emma taught me to show up as my full self. She showed me the power that comes from knowing my soul’s desires and then standing up and making them happen.

My six months with Emma have, by far, been the most impactful moments of my life. I have never shifted so quickly and so deeply at any other point in my life.

For me, this journey was demanding. It required me to be completely vulnerable and trusting of myself and of Emma. It required me to fight a lot of old patterns and continuously work to not let them come back in.

I know that my business and my spiritual journey will require a lot more work, but I feel so ready to take that on. Emma has gotten me and my business to a new level – a level I never imagined could be possible.

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