Stop hustling…

Ask any entrepreneur and they will most likely tell you that they LOVE money, and they want TONS of money!

But what’s going on underneath that statement can make or break your business.

Here’s what I mean by that: wanting money isn’t the same as being willing to receive money: especially for women in business.

Being in business, especially for women, isn’t always about hustling. That driving, pushing, doing energy can actually be counterintuitive to receiving abundance and money.

Why is receiving such an important ingredient to making more money?

To have more money, we have to Learn to Receive more support.

Women entrepreneurs are notorious for doing EVERYTHING: managing every single detail in their business, implementing rather than delegating, plus managing their entire household, the calendar, the household finances, the errands, the planning, the everything. Essentially, receiving is like a four letter word for a lot of us.

But being invincible and having it all together has negative consequences – especially when it comes to bringing more money into your business.

I had one client who was so unwilling to receive that she flat out refused to let her clients pay her! So guess what? When she finally decided she did want to make money in her business, her clients were always coming to her with stories about how they couldn’t afford to pay her $40 – because she was still unwilling to receive money into her business.

We have to practice receiving in ALL areas of our life and biz in order to receive more money.

We must become extravagantly good at asking for and receiving support.

Does this strike a chord with you? If so, I encourage you to practice receiving support, ASAP! Start simply, like asking someone at the store to open the door for you.

What is one request you can make today to receive support? Go do it and let me know what happened!

Also, remember, if you want to make more money, stop hustling…

P.S. Be sure to let me know in the comments your biggest takeaway! (I respond to every comment personally.)

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