Emma M. Churchman, M.Div., is a business mentor with a seminary degree and mad-genius psychic skills. She grew her business from an average of $500 to an average of $20,000 in monthly sales in 30 days, and to multiple-six figures within a year! She coaches conscious entrepreneurs ready to make good money doing what they love.

As a mentor she understands that success in business is 10% execution and logistics and 90% managing YOU. Her genius is in helping you manage what happens between your ears in your business: your mindset, your limiting beliefs, your relationship to your faith, your ability (or inability) to make decisions and take action. She’s also got a solid reputation for helping turn confusion and chaos about purpose and services into a solid, abundant business grounded in YOU and your amazing gifts.

The Art of Faith in Business

What does faith have to do with business, anyway? Absolutely everything.

All conscious entrepreneurs have faith in something. Sometimes it’s God or Spirit or the Universe. Sometimes it’s faith in fear, scarcity, lack, or overwhelm. Or it’s faith in someone else’s magic business formula or ideas for your business. The more conscious you are, the more important it is to utilize faith to grow your business – even more-so than strategy and planning! This is especially true for entrepreneurs who have already attained a six-figure business. To grow exponentially, you must be able to have faith in what you cannot yet see in your business. Without faith, you will stay stuck in indecision and worrying about the “HOW” of achieving your goals. With faith, you cultivate the DESIRE for achieving your goals, and the “HOW” reveals itself.

When we aren’t conscious about what we have faith in, and how to cultivate our faith in the right direction we stop ourselves and we lose touch with our real purpose and desire. When our faith is misdirected it can cause sneaky forms of resistance to keep us stuck or playing small. Most importantly, when we don’t allow ALL of who we are to propel our business forward – both the light and shadow sides of ourself – we keep ourselves in limitation. In this talk we dive into what faith really is, how to blast through resistance, work with our light & shadows sides, cultivate desire and step into our greatness.

The Art of Success: How to Cultivate Abundance in Business

Who you are and how you show up in your business matters. Success in business is 10% execution and logistics and 90% managing you: your energy, your beliefs, your mindset, your choices and your ability, or inability, to take action.

If you are not experiencing the level of success you would like in your business, and you have the foundations of your business handled, then odds are the root problem is within YOU. In this hands-on keynote, we will dive into what needs to change within you in order to generate abundance in your business.

Create Your Own Damn Map: Unleashing Abundance for Conscious Entrepreneurs

Are you a conscious entrepreneur longing to experience financial abundance? Do you have amazing gifts to offer the world, yet struggle to make ends meet? For conscious entrepreneurs, your business MUST be an expression of your soul purpose or it’s just not going to create financial abundance! The more conscious we are, the more we need to keep in alignment with our divine self-expression.

Why? Because business is an exchange of energy. Therefore, your marketing, your products and services, your systems and even your contributors must be aligned to YOUR energy. If you choose to do business by adopting someone else’s model you will not be successful. Why? Because these models do not take in account WHO YOU ARE at soul level.

There is NO MAGIC Business FORMULA that works for everybody, every time. Building your unique business model grounded in your soul purpose will manifest financial abundance. That is universal law. At high levels of consciousness financial abundance CANNOT be created outside of your soul purpose and your divine self-expression.

The Art of Influence: Sales Mindset and Transformational Selling

90% of business is managing your thoughts, beliefs & energy – the other 10% is execution. Your thoughts & beliefs impact every area of your business, especially sales. Do you want to change the impact that your thoughts & beliefs are having on your sales process? Do you want to increase your sales conversion rates? Do you want to LOVE sales? Join Conscious Business Mentor Emma Churchman as she dives into the energetics of sales, limiting beliefs and mindset.

Emma’s talk is a wake-up call to all of us…

“Emma’s talk on “The Art of Faith in Business” was straight from the heart of her experience and challenges in creating her own highly successful mentoring practice. She shared from hard lessons she & her clients have learned; with practical tips on how we can all get beyond our limiting beliefs and lack of faith in ourselves to transform our business success almost overnight. Comments from members after the presentation gave enthusiastic evidence that we couldn’t have had a better presenter to kickoff the new year!

Not for the faint of heart, Emma told it like it is! Her talk is a wake-up call to all of us to connect with our deepest inner power and make our business dreams a reality.”  Chris Allen, Founder, Being in Business: Conscious & Practical Entrepreneurship Meetup

Emma engaged and dug deep with us!

“Emma wasn’t afraid to speak directly in a way to us that really struck a chord. A lot of speakers won’t speak the truth because they are afraid of how people will respond. Not Emma: she engaged and dug deep with us, helping us see how we are getting in the way in our own businesses. Our participants were very engaged with Emma’s content!” Linda Cely, Speaker Coordinator, FemCity Greenville

We were brought to tears, inspired and motivated!

“Emma’s talk at our monthly luncheon on sales mindset and transformational selling was absolutely insightful and moving. We were brought to tears, inspired and motivated to change the way we do sales! Most importantly, Emma helped us understand what is REALLY in the way of having the results we want in our sales process and how to fix it! If your participants need support with selling, I could not recommend The Art of Influence more!”  Lainie Sevante Wulkan, President, FemCity Albuquerque

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