Emma M. Churchman, M.Div., is a business mentor with a seminary degree and mad-genius psychic skills.

She grew her business from an average of $500 to an average of $20,000 in monthly sales in 30 days, and to multiple-six figures within a year! She coaches conscious entrepreneurs ready to make good money doing what they love.

As a mentor she understands that success in business is 10% execution and logistics and 90% managing YOU. Her genius is in helping you manage what happens between your ears in your business: your mindset, your limiting beliefs, your relationship to your faith, your ability (or inability) to make decisions and take action.

She’s also got a solid reputation for helping turn confusion and chaos about purpose and services into a solid, abundant business grounded in YOU and your amazing gifts.

Six months later attendees are still raving about her talk…

“Emma’s talk on the Art of Money: Managing Your Mindset + Cultivating Abundance in Business was phenomenal. With nearly 100 attendees she managed to impact a diverse crowd of entrepreneurs and business professionals. Her money mindset strategies were spot on for anyone growing a business, or creating a financial future! Six months later attendees are still raving about her talk, and the impact of using Emma’s money mindset strategies in their lives and businesses!” Emily Breedlove, President, FemCity Asheville


Emma engaged and dug deep with us!

“Emma wasn’t afraid to speak directly in a way to us that really struck a chord. A lot of speakers won’t speak the truth because they are afraid of how people will respond. Not Emma: she engaged and dug deep with us, helping us see how we are getting in the way in our own businesses. Our participants were very engaged with Emma’s content!” Linda Cely, Speaker Coordinator, FemCity Greenville

We were brought to tears, inspired and motivated!

“Emma’s talk at our monthly luncheon on sales mindset and transformational selling was absolutely insightful and moving. We were brought to tears, inspired and motivated to change the way we do sales! Most importantly, Emma helped us understand what is REALLY in the way of having the results we want in our sales process and how to fix it! If your participants need support with selling, I could not recommend The Art of Influence more!”  Lainie Sevante Wulkan, President, FemCity Albuquerque

Helping you identify your gifts, your value, and powerfully claim increase in your bank account

“Emma has a caring, yet no nonsense way of helping you identify your gifts, your value, and powerfully claim increase in your bank account.  It was exactly what so many of our attendees of our Women WorkshopWednesday at CoLab needed to get out of their own way and start making the money they desire in their businesses. Every attendee that took advantage of hot seat coaching left transformed.  I look forward to more teachings by Emma.” Beth Bell, President FemCity Roanoke

Emma’s talk is a wake-up call to all of us…

“Emma’s talk on “The Art of Faith in Business” was straight from the heart of her experience and challenges in creating her own highly successful mentoring practice. She shared from hard lessons she & her clients have learned; with practical tips on how we can all get beyond our limiting beliefs and lack of faith in ourselves to transform our business success almost overnight. Comments from members after the presentation gave enthusiastic evidence that we couldn’t have had a better presenter to kickoff the new year!

Not for the faint of heart, Emma told it like it is! Her talk is a wake-up call to all of us to connect with our deepest inner power and make our business dreams a reality.”  Chris Allen, Founder, Being in Business: Conscious & Practical Entrepreneurship Meetup

She even offered hot seat coaching

“Emma is a warm and engaging powerhouse of a speaker. We were thrilled to have her speak at FemCity Atlanta because she can take huge concepts like money mindset or growing your empire and make them tangible. Plus, she even offered hot seat coaching to participants. Emma is not your average speaker and coach. Her style is no-nonsense, tell-it-like-it-is, and laugh out loud. Every woman at the event left with a breakthrough, aha, or new approach to take in her business. I would highly recommend Emma to anyone in need of a speaker or keynote. Our attendees are still talking about how moved they were by her presentation months later! ”  Yvonne Druyeh Dodd, President, FemCity Atlanta 

Emma’s mindset strategies were spot on…

“Emma’s talk on the Art of Success + Getting Out of Our Own Way was one of our favorite Professional Development events we’ve had for the Young Professionals of Asheville. Her candor, humor, and insight challenged and empowered our attendees to see their own blocks to success. Our group caters to entrepreneurs and business professionals under the age of 40 who are ready to have a bigger impact, start earning the money they truly desire, and get out of their own way. Emma’s mindset strategies were spot on for our crowd. We can’t wait to have her come back!”  Melody Isis Herman, Professional Development Co-chair, Young Professionals of Asheville

Emma creates a loving, funny and REAL energy

“Emma facilitated an event with us at the Epione Clinic for Integrated Healing. I was impressed with Emma’s calm, focused and organized nature pre event. As she moved into the speaking aspect of the evening, I was moved by her ability to engage authentically with both the audience as a whole as well as the individuals who choose to be in Emma’s “hot seat”. Emma was able to hold the presence and focus to support the group to new levels of awareness, which always leads to shift. Thank you Emma, for creating a loving, funny, and REAL energy and environment for us all to expand our consciousness around abundance.” Adora Winquist, Epione Clinic for Integrated Living

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