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Create Your Own Damn Map: Cultivating Abundance for Conscious Entrepreneurs

Are you a conscious entrepreneur longing to experience financial abundance? Do you have amazing gifts to offer the world, yet struggle to make ends meet? For conscious entrepreneurs, your business MUST be an expression of your soul purpose or it’s just not going to create financial abundance! The more conscious we are, the more we need to keep in alignment with our divine self-expression.

Why? Because business is an exchange of energy. Therefore, your marketing, your products and services, your systems and even your contributors must be aligned to YOUR energy. If you choose to do business by adopting someone else’s model you will not be successful. Why? Because these models do not take in account WHO YOU ARE at soul level.

There is NO MAGIC Business FORMULA that works for everybody, every time. Building your unique business model grounded in your soul purpose will manifest financial abundance. That is universal law. At high levels of consciousness financial abundance CANNOT be created outside of your soul purpose and your divine self-expression.

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