Speaking Topic:

The Art of Faith in Business

What does faith have to do with business, anyway? Absolutely everything.

All conscious entrepreneurs have faith in something. Sometimes it’s God or Spirit or the Universe. Sometimes it’s faith in fear, scarcity, lack, or overwhelm. Or it’s faith in someone else’s magic business formula or ideas for your business. The more conscious you are, the more important it is to utilize faith to grow your business – even more-so than strategy and planning! This is especially true for entrepreneurs who have already attained a six-figure business. To grow exponentially, you must be able to have faith in what you cannot yet see in your business.

Without faith, you will stay stuck in indecision and worrying about the “HOW” of achieving your goals. With faith, you cultivate the DESIRE for achieving your goals, and the “HOW” reveals itself.

When we aren’t conscious about what we have faith in, and how to cultivate our faith in the right direction we stop ourselves and we lose touch with our real purpose and desire. When our faith is misdirected it can cause sneaky forms of resistance to keep us stuck or playing small. Most importantly, when we don’t allow ALL of who we are to propel our business forward – both the light and shadow sides of ourself – we keep ourselves in limitation. In this talk we dive into what faith really is, how to blast through resistance, work with our light & shadows sides, cultivate desire and step into our greatness.

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