The Art of Influence:

Sales Mindset + Transformational Selling

This 4 module course will change your relationship to sales in your business!

By the end of this course you will:

  • Understand what subconscious beliefs are affecting your sales conversations & how to transform them.
  • Feel calm and confident in every sales conversation because you are no longer attached to the outcome (not coincidentally, you’ll also start closing more sales).
  • Stop having to ask for the business & instead, have your clients asking you, “When do we get started?”
  • Play up your natural strengths so you are the best version of yourself & not some canned “salesperson.”
  • Achieve trusted advisor status so people can’t wait to work with you & will actually pay you more money than your so-called “competition”.
  • Never be at a loss for words because you know the right words to say, at the right time & in a way that makes your clients think you are brilliant (which you are!)
  • Finally stop hearing, “I can’t afford it” or “I’ll have to think about it” & start hearing, “Which payment method do you take?” 
  • Be excited about having sales conversations & start feeling like selling is fun! (I know, can you imagine?

3 hours of amazing audio content and

the corresponding transcripts, handouts and exercises

are yours for just $297 (a value of $497)!

Before I did The Art of Influence program, I struggled to understand and articulate the multi-faceted, dimensional process I engaged clients in. And because of that, understanding its true value eluded me. If you’ve ever tried to describe or sell something you don’t fully understand and therefore feel hazy about its actual value, you know how discouraging this is.

Emma’s teachings taught me why starting with my own heart and mind to grasp and describe the value of my work was life changing. Using the concepts and a very powerful springboard in the program, I was finally able to connect the dots and unite every step of what I do with the value it actually offers. I ended up integrating this breakthrough understanding into new web copy that helped me sign a $60,000 contract. This is proof in the pudding that Emma’s profound teachings and soul-centered sales approach starts with the heart and THAT is where the money is. Understanding your value — really understanding it to your core — is priceless. It’s a gift that never stops giving.

Cynthia Lindeman

Ghostwriter and Writing Coach

Course Outline:

Module 1: Mindset, Limiting Beliefs and The Art of Influence

  • What is Sales?
  • The Art of Influence
  • How Mindset Impacts Your Sales
  • Fear Mindset & Sales
  • Fear & Faith
  • Money Mindset and Sales
  • Your Energy & Sales
  • Fear of Rejection
  • Your Prospect’s Mindset & Sales
  • Security Mindset & Sales
  • Service Mindset & Sales
  • Authenticity & Sales
  • Having a Relationship with Your Subconscious
  • Transforming Your Subconscious Beliefs

Module 2: What is Transformational Selling

  • What Selling Is & What it is Not
  • What Makes People Buy
  • Identifying and Understanding your Core Abilities
  • Identifying and Understanding your Unique Selling Position

Module 3: Sales Conversations Content and Framework

  • Content & Framework for Sales Conversations
    • Application Form
    • Free Consultation/Discovery Session
    • Sales Conversation Framework
  • Qualifying Prospects
    • Goals of Qualifying
    • Qualifying Questions
    • Triangle of Urgency
    • Situational Factors

Module 4: Making the Offer and Handling Objections

  • Making the Offer
  • Handling Objections
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