Soul Aligned Business Blueprint 90 Day Program

Are you an entrepreneur who is leading the path of upleveling consciousness on our planet? 

Do you have amazing spiritual gifts that you want to share with the world while making good money? 

If you are a conscious entrepreneur, your business MUST be an expression of your Soul Purpose or it’s just not going to create financial abundance! 

When you do business in a way that is aligned to your soul you stop struggling. Decision making gets easier. Overwhelm gets replaced with clarity. You start actually enjoying running a business. And heck, you even make more money! 

Imagine this: in three months you fill your days offering your spiritual gifts to clients who experience transformation as a result of working with you. Your clients are paying you, willingly and generously, for you to share your magic with them. You’re actually loving sales conversations because they are FUN. Marketing in your business is straightforward, because you understand what types of marketing works best for you, and how to do it. You’ve shifted from being someone who gets paid to offer transformation to a solid entrepreneur and business owner who knows how to run a business! 

What would it mean to your business, and your life, if you could actually have a business that works? 

And what if you could share your spiritual gifts with the world in a way that fully supports you financially, spiritually and emotionally? 

And what if you could create your own business model, instead of adopting someone else’s template magic business formula? That’s what I have done and I want to show you how. 

Do you know that you have a unique divine self expression? 

Everybody has their own soul record - their own agenda, purpose and soul-based way of being. Our soul longs to express our divinity! In fact, that is our greatest purpose as spiritual beings. Aligning to your divine self-expression actually makes running your business easier because when your business is deeply resonate to you - to your authentic self - it feels good, and is more fun! 

 But very often what happens is we try to do other people’s blueprints and way of being in business - we try to do business in a model that isn’t aligned to our unique divine self-expression. Have you ever felt resentful of your own business? Have you ever thought that something was wrong with you because you couldn’t get your business to work the way so many experts told you it should? Chances are it’s because you were doing business in a way that wasn’t in alignment with your divine self-expression. 

 Do you know that your business has a soul and it’s own energy? 

Human beings have their own soul record and vibration. Businesses do too! As a conscious entrepreneur you need to understand how your business functions as an independent entity and how vibrational energy flows in your business. You’ve also got to understand how to get energy unstuck if it’s not flowing. Just like you’re always working with your own vibration and divine self-expression, you've got to do this with your business too! 

What you can expect to ACHIEVE with this course: 

Understand who you are at soul level and how you are designed to function as an entrepreneur, including which marketing, sales and business systems are most aligned to you.

Understand how to set financial goals for your business.

Learn how to get off the roller-coaster of income fluctuations in your business.

Understand what your money blocks are and how to clear them.

Learn to evaluate content, pricing, and delivery structure for each of your products + services.

Determine how to target the right clients and customers in your business.

Discover exactly what marketing strategies will create financial abundance.

Learn how to have transformational selling conversations. 

Address issues of receiving and value for you + your business.

Understand what subconscious beliefs are affecting your sales conversations + how to transform them.

Feel calm and confident in every sales conversation because you are no longer attached to the outcome (not coincidentally, you’ll also start closing more sales).

Be excited about having sales conversations + start feeling like selling is fun! 

Learn how to stay energetically “in charge” of your business while working with contributors.

Determine if your business systems are aligned to financial abundance and evaluate potential business systems for alignment.

Understand exactly how you are designed to take action in your business (vs. how you were told to take action).

The Soul Aligned Business Blueprint 12 Module Course Includes:

 12 Self-Study Modules

Worksheets with questions, exercises and tools to help you align your business

Recommended Resources + Tools for Your Business to catalyze your business systems 

Bonus: Energy in Business Report ($500 Value)

Bonus: Manifesting Operating System ($500 Value)

Confidence and clarity about your business (Priceless)

Working with Emma and completing the Soul Aligned Business Blueprint program has truly been transformative. 

Through this program I made a complete shift from feeling constrained by my role with my friends and family to realizing through my growth and success of my business I may actually lift them up. I now know I will have the greatest impact on those I love by being an example of courage, love, success and freedom. 

Sarah McCraren | Unity Station

The Soul Aligned Business Blueprint Program gave me permission to be me and do things in the way that is right for me. The more I do that, the more things are flowing. I'll take the steady trickle for a little bit as I grow, get more clear and come into more alignment. I've been very good at diving in the deep end and getting very uncomfortable, too much actually. So, now I've stepped back and am learning to stretch a little instead of creating a vibrational snap-back. This is working, and well.  

There is much here I have learned in some way before, yet lacked clarity and language for which this program has given me. I'm seeing what needs to shift with much more clarity instead of stumbling around in the dark grasping at straws the subconscious keeps moving. Thank you so much, I am very glad I signed on

Katie Kieffer | Awaken the Inner Light

It's not just that I found clarity in working with Emma; it's that I was finally able to "come clean" about my true calling. I had been avoiding areas in my business which challenged or frightened me - like my relationship to money, my fear of visibility, my fear of not being "normal" - and those blocks kept me stuck. 

Working through the modules hit on these pressure points, challenging me to stay with them until I got to the deepest truths that were previously hidden from me.  

I could never have done this work on my own, not only because I was often blind to what needed attention, but because I needed accountability to stick with my work when it became difficult or scary. Now I can say that I have come to a place in my business - and, even more importantly, my life - where I am ready to be seen, where I am ready to claim and use my gifts, and where I am ready to powerfully impact the world around me.

Anna Shirey |

Are You Ready?

Let's Get Started!

Soul Aligned Business Blueprint ~ Course Modules

Module 1: Intake and Mindset

Being in business requires getting really good at managing both your inner and outer game. During this module we will lay the foundation for your inner and outer game: exploring your relationship to fear, failure, decision-making, and ability to take action.

Module 2: Energy in Business

Entrepreneurship IS the spiritual path of shifting consciousness on our planet today. For conscious entrepreneurs, your business MUST be an expression of your Soul Purpose or it’s just not going to create financial abundance! 

In business, there is an energy flow between marketing, sales, business systems, contributors and customers. Energy can STOP flowing in all kinds of ways, at all points in this system! 

In fact, few businesses have a smooth, linear, unobstructed flow of energy throughout their system. Most businesses have places where energy is going into too many directions at once, where miscommunication occurs, where a service is being offered that is out of alignment with the contributors, or even have contributors that are not in alignment with each other! 

This energy flow must shift in order for you to generate greater financial abundance. Our business IS our vehicle for authentic and Divine self-expression. 

When we express our Divine Being, abundance flows. It can’t be any other way, since the Divine IS infinite abundance. In this module you will: 

  • Discover EXACTLY how your unique soul profile translates into entrepreneurial skills and challenges.
  • Discover which marketing, sales, and business systems are most aligned to your soul’s energy center. 
  • A business, obviously, is not a human Soul. But it IS an energetic entity. In this module you will learn how to work with your business as an energetic entity. 
  • Understand how to set a financial intention for your business. 
  • Address and break through money blocks. 

Module 3: Products and Services

In this module you will learn what makes a product or service the “right” one for your business to sell! Often, financial issues start here - with the “wrong” offer. In this module: 

  • Discover the two essential ingredients for a product or service to actually make money! 
  • Recognize how aspects of your products and services can create a misalignment to your financial abundance. 
  • Evaluate content, pricing, and delivery structure for each of your products + services.
  • Evaluate new projects or services for their financial abundance potential BEFORE they are launched. This can save so much time, energy, money, and potential disappointment. It can also help you move faster and more confidently when you have been inspired with financially lucrative projects. 

Module 4: Clients & Customers

There’s a philosophy in the business world that “starts with the end in mind.” People are encouraged to “target” a “niche” (Don’t we all just LOVE being targeted???) and then reverse-engineer their marketing strategies and offers based on what their market wants. This is a terrible idea, because it builds a business on our perception of what other people want, versus allowing us to base our business on our authentic self- expression. 

Your ideal client and customer is the inevitable end-result when your offers, marketing, and sales are aligned to your Soul Purpose. 

  • Learn about your authentic self-expression. 
  • Determine if you are targeting the right clients and customers in your business based on your authentic self-expression. 

Module 5: Marketing & Outreach

Marketing is essentially letting others know that we, our business, and/or our products and services exist! Without marketing, our prospects and customers don’t know about us, and therefore can’t engage with us. Marketing happens both online and offline, through the written or spoken word or visual representation. Both the content and the delivery of that content have to align energetically with you and your business, your offer, and your financial intention. In this module:

  • Discover what can create blocks to financial abundance in the way your business communicates with its potential customers. 
  • Discover aligned marketing strategies, and look at your marketing media from an energetic perspective. 

Module 6: Sales & Enrollment

While marketing is what gets people in the door (or onto our email list), sales are what happens to actually create the exchange of energy that is value for money - the whole point of a business! 

Selling is different from marketing, in that the call to action is one where a prospect actually invests money and becomes a client or customer! Sales happen on an online sales page, are made from the stage, on a preview call, in a one- on-one conversation, through a sales proposal in writing ... but the call to action is always the same: “Buy!” 

In this module you will: 

  • Learn how to energetically evaluate your sales processes, identifying which processes create alignment or misalignment to financial abundance. 
  • Learn at exactly which points in your sales process misalignments can occur, and how to resolve these. 
  • Address mindset issues of receiving and value for you & your business.  

Module 7: Mindset & Transformational Selling

There is an art form to influencing others to buy from you. Most conscious entrepreneurs get stuck in sales conversations because of two things: (1) they don’t know what to say to move the sale forward and (2) they don’t know how to manage what happens in their own mind + energy + emotions. 

Your internal thoughts and beliefs can have a significant impact on your sales conversion rates. If you have a fear of rejection, or asking for money, or have an “I’m not good enough” story that is going to influence people to NOT buy from you. And, if you’re in business for yourself that is a serious problem. You need help. You need to clean up what happens in your own mind so that you stop being the problem in your sales conversations. 

In this module you will: 

  • Understand what subconscious beliefs are affecting your sales conversations & how to transform them. 
  • Feel calm and confident in every sales conversation because you are no longer attached to the outcome (not coincidentally, you’ll also start closing more sales). Stop having to ask for the business & instead, have your clients asking you, “When do we get started?” 
  • Play up your natural strengths so you are the best version of yourself & not some canned “salesperson.” 
  • Achieve trusted advisor status so people can’t wait to work with you & will actually pay you more money than your so-called “competition.” 

Module 8: Your Sales Conversations

In this module you will learn how to structure a sales conversation to get better results. You will learn how to: 

  • Never be at a loss for words because you know the right words to say, at the right time & in a way that makes your clients think you are brilliant (which you are!) 
  • Finally stop hearing, “I can’t afford it” or “I’ll have to think about it” & start hearing, “Which payment method do you take?” 
  • Be excited about having sales conversations & start feeling like selling is fun! 

Module 9: Contributors

From the business owner to virtual assistants to joint venture partners to business coaches to customers ... many people energetically contribute to what we call a “business.” 

Sometimes, energetic misalignments to financial abundance are not a “what” but a “who.” In this module you will: 

  • Learn how to stay energetically “in charge” of your business while working with contributors. 
  • Discover how to shift difficult business relationships that are creating energetic misalignments to financial abundance. 
  • Understand the “energy management pitfalls” that can affect you, and how these manifest as money issues. 
  • Evaluate hiring decisions, joint venture projects, potential investors and partnerships BEFORE they are made. 

Module 10: Business Systems

Every business has systems, from technical to administrative. Even a tiny business of one person has systems ... but are these systems aligned to financial abundance? In this module you will learn to: 

  • Determine if a system is aligned to financial abundance. 
  • Determine if your systems are based on what you “should” be doing vs. in alignment with your soul expression. 
  • Evaluate various systems within your business for optimal financial flow. 

Module 11: Manifesting Operating System: The Ultimate Guide for Taking Action & Getting Results in Your Business

The Manifesting Operating System shows you exactly how your Soul is designed to manifest all aspects of the human experience, ad it is the basis for a lot of the coaching work I do. The System is highly PRACTICAL and offers a very grounded perspective on translating your Soul’s design for creation into every aspect of your life. Every soul has a UNIQUE System.  

This System helps you give yourself permission to want what you really want (because, deep down, most conscious seekers ALREADY want to experience their Divinity within their humanity. Sometimes, though, we don’t know how to think beyond societal conditioning.) 

You can finally stop chasing goals that are not even congruent to who you are. And you can uncover what “real life” circumstances will allow you to experience your Divinity the most, and therefore create more abundance.  

Module 12: Next Steps

In this module we’ll map out a framework for you of next steps to take in your business to begin to uplevel, in the areas of products + services, clients + customers, marketing, selling, contributors and business systems. We will cover the 8 Principles for Success in Business and you will also receive additional mindset support.

How the Program Works:

  • Each Module includes a recorded Webinar with teaching and exercises. 
  • Worksheets are included in each module. Completing them will enable you to make immediate changes in your business. 

 I've included some awesome bonuses for you...

BONUS: Manifesting Operating System: The Ultimate Guide for Taking Action & Getting Results in Your Business ($500 value) 

You will receive a comprehensive 30 page written report on your unique Manifesting Operating System. This report is created specifically for you, based on how your soul is designed to do business. You will discover detailed information such as:

  • How interaction with others can serve or hinder you, depending on your design for manifesting. 
  • Your exact “change process” when you want to manifest new results into your experience. 
  • How you self-sabotage by using the wrong motivation to move forward towards your goals, depending on your Manifesting Blueprint. 
  • How certain societal principles present a direct opposition to how you are designed to manifest your experience.

BONUS: Energy in Business Report: Your Blueprint for Client Attraction & Running Your Business ($500 value)

The Energy in Business Report is your blueprint for client attraction and running your business, and is based on a reading done by Emma in your Akashic Records.  

This report provides a powerful template for how to align each aspect of your business: products + services, clients, marketing, sales, and business systems with who you are at soul level. When you align your business in this way, freedom and financial abundance is the natural result!  

Emma Churchman is absolutely worth your time! She has such an amazing ability to show you your authentic self and make you fall in love with everything you can do! 

What a valuable business partner! 

Meade Neumann | Owner/Healer for Renewed Spirit

Emma Churchman's Soul Aligned Business Blueprint provided the guidance I needed in order to move my business forward. More than telling you what to do, Emma asks powerful questions to help you figure out what's right for you. She explains how we get in our own way and gives specific steps for how to avoid or get out of self-inflicted traps. It's a lot of work and it's emotional, but it's well worth it.

Sacil Armstrong | art & being

In the first month of working with Emma, we doubled our income. In the following two months, we hit and then exceeded our initial income goals and are on track to hit our next goal in the coming months. In addition, we hired two employees and rebranded! 

As a result of working with Emma, our programs are stronger, and we feel more excited and confident in our work.

Rebekah Beneteau | Pleasure Evolution

Are You Ready?

 Is the Soul Aligned Business Blueprint 12 Module Course Right for You?

The Course is Perfect for You if: 

  • You are an established conscious entrepreneur generating under $100,000 in annual sales. 
  • Your business is regularly generating income. 
  • You know that you are capable of so much more than what you’re currently generating in your business. 
  • You are sick and tired of having so much potential, but not getting it out into the world. 
  • You’re exhausted by trying to cram yourself into someone else’s business model. 
  • You love your products, services and clients but may not love marketing, selling, business systems and managing contributors. 
  • You are ready to be paid well to do your purpose in your business (and you’re done with the story that no one will pay for your amazing spiritual gifts). 
  • You’re committed to being an entrepreneur and business owner (your hobby that barely pays the bills isn’t hacking it anymore). 

I’m Emma Churchman and I’m the poster child for failed magic business formulas. 

I have a long history of being a financially un-successful entrepreneur. Over nearly two decades of my on-again, off-again entrepreneurial journey, I dragged a ton of crap into my businesses: lack of clarity about what my gifts really are, guilt with charging money for those gifts, fear of being visible, overwhelm at being a business owner, all mixed together with a massive amount of struggle. I also tried just about every “magic business formula” out there for growing my business to six figures. 

Then I got into alignment with who I am at soul-level in every aspect of my business and began taking only aligned action. I grew my business from an average of $500 to an average of $20,000 in monthly sales in 30 days. My business grew to multiple-six figures within that same year!

Today I understand that the more spiritually conscious you are, the more it is both your right, and your responsibility, to live into that consciousness. It is also your responsibility to align your business fully with your own divine self-expression - and for most of us that means flushing the old operating system of struggle down the toilet. It also means that someone else’s business model just isn’t going to work.

Are you done trying to do business the way the “experts” think you should? 

The good news is that designing your own unique business model, fully grounded in your soul expression, isn’t rocket science. Here’s what it takes: understanding who you are at soul level, understanding how you actually function best as an entrepreneur, mixed with strategy for aligning every aspect of your business with you, topped off with taking aligned action that gets you new results! (That may sounds easy, but I know you can’t do these pieces on your own.) 

What Do You Want to Create?

I am working with Emma to align my business fully with my Soul level gifts and talents, as well as with the level of success I am reaching for this year. 

Working with her is completely transforming my business to more ease, freedom, flow & abundance—and you all know how much I value those! Thanks Emma for your truly astounding gifts!

Kristine Madera| Spiritual Journey of the Body

Emma is the perfect midwife to the Divine for me because I know she sees me. I can’t bullshit her (or myself). We both know I am ready to stop giving all my energy to others, move past my wimpy ways of old and create a solid business by trusting my own intuition. 

Emma doesn't coddle. She is consistently clear and direct. The tools she provides are great! They immediately helped me discover where my fearful thoughts and energy have been misaligned with my Divine mission. Emma neither pushes nor pulls. She patiently stands in the doorway between fear and love and holds me accountable as I practice loving and trusting myself enough to consciously make healthier choices that are making all the difference - in my business and in all of my relationships! Hiring Emma is one of the greatest gifts of self-love that I have every given myself.  

Pamela Jay | Nature-Based Educator & Health and Wellness Mentor

Emma’s intuitive guidance and insights into my divine self-expression as an entrepreneur helped me gain much more confidence in following my own inner guidance and passion, rather than forming my business around limiting beliefs or what other people think is necessary for me to make money.

Chris Allen | Creativity in Business

Are You Still Unsure? 

Then Ask Yourself: 

  • What would be like to wake up every morning, feeling clear, aligned and confident in your business? 
  • Are you serious about creating greater financial abundance and freedom? 
  • Are you ready to move out of confusion and overwhelm and into decision and action? 

This is your moment to create a huge positive transformation for yourself in your business. 

You may take advantage of this opportunity or not. It’s up to you, and how much you truly are committed to yourself and your business. 

This program is at a low investment level and includes payment plan options. If you know that your mindset, confusion and indecision are what’s keeping you from getting the traction you need in your business, this is the right program for you. 

  • Start Loving Your Business Now! 

It's Time to Grow Your Soul Aligned Business! 

Enroll now.

Pay in Full


Please note: my mentoring clients pay thousands of dollars to build their businesses with my one-on-one support…but in this program I’ll show you how to do it for yourself - at a fraction of the expense! 

Best of all, you’ll know how to continue to grow your business in an aligned way, anytime you prepare to uplevel, so that your business always supports your freedom and financial abundance!

The Emma Churchman No B.S. Money Back Guarantee!

  • I want you to be MORE than satisfied with your decision to purchase the Soul Aligned Business Blueprint 90 Day program. If for any reason you regret your decision or change your mind within 30 days, let me know and I’ll refund your payment in full. So buy with confidence, and trust that you will get great content and exceptional coaching in this program! 
  • Beyond the 30 days, I will assume you are committed to this program. Your non-participation will not be a valid reason for a refund request, and you will remain responsible for any remaining outstanding payments.

After working with Emma for a month I have made a huge transition in how I work and who I work with. She helped me get the clarity I needed, to let go of parts of my business that were no longer serving me and to embrace the clients who serve me best to work with and with whom I can really add value. 

Now I am free to be my authentic self and trust my greatest gift, my intuition, to help my clients to shine a light on their situation so they can see new possibilities and opportunities and create the freedom and abundance they so desire in their business and life. 

As an added bonus, in just a month of working together I was able to pay for my coaching program with Emma through sales of new programs to new clients!” 

Fidelma Greene | Conscious Business Mentor

Through working with Emma I discovered that I have great intuition and empathic abilities. Change occurred in my life so rapidly because I felt supported and safe and was given action steps to make change. In a very short period of time, I opened a wellness business, ended a relationship, and began a spiritual awakening that was the single most dramatic event and influence in my life to date. Currently, I am in the midst of transitioning from a full time business as a massage therapist to a wellness psychic! 

There is no way I would have believed for a second that I had these abilities much less could tap into them and develop them into a practice that serves others … and pays the bills! 

I know that my work with Emma has been vital in these developments and I am so grateful to have met her. I’ve worked with a number of healers and teachers; Emma is one of a kind.

Stacie Shepherd | The Wellness Psychic

When does the program start?

As SOON as you enroll, you receive immediate access to a private online Member's space.

How do the modules work?

Each module includes a powerpoint webinar that teaches you the content for the module, as well as an online exercise to complete, and a transcript of the webinar.

I encourage participants to plan to do one module per week, which could take anywhere from 30 minutes - 3 hours to complete, depending on how deep you want to go with the program content.

Is mindset addressed in the program?

Yes, but strictly from the perspective of mindset issues that you need to address in order to be more effective in your sales funnels and sales conversations. Modules 6-8 focus exclusively on sales, and we dive in to address things like a fear of rejection and fear of visibility.

When do I receive my Energy in Business Report and my Manifesting Operating System Report?

You receive your Reports within seven (7) days of enrollment.

How long do I have access to my online Member Space?

You have lifetime access to your online Member Space. You will be able to access the Modules and your completed worksheets.