Project Breakthrough

SUCCESS Begins with YOU! 

As a conscious entrepreneur, you get that your business is an expression of your purpose. And, if you’ve had “success” in business you can get a little cocky about how badass you are, right?  

Breaking the rules, doing business your way, and doing YOU in your business is the ultimate badass move.  

But then something happens. 

All of a sudden your success is no longer guaranteed.  

  • Your marketing isn’t getting traction like it used to.  
  • Sales are slowing down (or have come to a screeching halt).  
  • Your ideal clients are no longer ideal.  

You are frustrated, confused, and deflated.  

You think the issue is marketing strategy, or maybe you need to launch a new program, or hire another team member. You start trying to fix what’s happening in your business.  

You’re trying to fix the wrong thing.  

The problem is that your purpose has evolved and your business no longer reflects you.  

  • Your sales are not going to flow again until you drop into your purpose.
  • Your marketing is going to have little effect until you own your purpose.
  • Your ideal clients are not going to appear until you claim your purpose.  

There is NO other way forward.

Your next-level success begins with YOU.  

It’s very normal for your purpose to evolve as your business grows. The more conscious you are the more you MUST do your purpose.  

If you are on an evolutionary path, your purpose determines your income.  

You know this intellectually. You get that you’re always going deeper within yourself. You do a ton of inner work. But when it comes to your next-level purpose, to the essence of who you are, it’s hard to see what’s really going on.  

Because you’re too close to it. This is the hardest journey to navigate on your own. 

So if you are frustrated, stuck, and can't figure out how to flip the switche on infusing your next-level purpose into your business, and you desire the ease, freedom and power that you used to have, Project Breakthrough is the answer.  

Are you ready to learn exactly how to unleash your purpose to grow your next-level business?

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