A deeply immersive upleveling to strip you of playing small and getting in your own way, return you to Highest Self, and awaken limitless power + purpose + prosperity. It is conversations that dig deep. A community that helps you grow. Transformation that will blow your mind. Learn more here.

Grow Your Empire is a 6 month, curated, mentoring + mastermind program for conscious entrepreneurs who have achieved visibility + success and who are ready for a compass to guide them to grow their empire in a soul aligned way.  Learn more here.

This VIP Luxury Intensive Experience is an intimately partnered journey into the depths of you and your business, to breakthrough to your next level and awaken limitless power + purpose + prosperity. Learn more here.

This deeply partnered 60-minute, 1-on-1 mentoring call moves you through whatever is blocking you so you can be, do, and have more in this world. Learn more here.

An online training to rock your manifesting skills, use Universal Law in a way NO ONE has ever taught you, radically simplify your manifesting process, and learn the 5 Steps that will have you manifesting money NOW! Learn more here.

The Master Money Now training teaches you the 21 money mindset strategies I use with my clients to double, triple, even quadruple their income! Learn more here.

A online training to tap into what you truly want on a soul based level, shift your vibration to create new and lasting results, and embody and fully allow for your desires to come to fruition. Learn more here.

The Soul Aligned Business Blueprint 12 Module Course is perfect for conscious entrepreneurs generating under $5,000 a month and who are ready to align their soul, mindset and action in their business!  Learn more here.

Are you ready to learn how your soul is designed to do business, and exactly how to get into alignment to attract your ideal clients? This report is personally created for you by Emma, based on your Akashic Record, and showcases how you are designed to offer products + services, and how to market, sell, and structure your business in a way that is aligned JUST to you! Includes a bonus 30 minute private coaching session with Emma. Learn more here.

Taking action in your business doesn’t have to be a struggle. When you learn how your soul is designed to take action you + your business shift from overwhelm to ease and grace. This report is personally created for you by Emma, based on your Akashic Record. Includes a bonus 30 minute private coaching session with Emma. Learn more here.

The Art of Influence: Sales Mindset + Transformational Selling Virtual Course is especially designed for conscious entrepreneurs who love their clients + services, and hate sales and marketing. This 4 module course WILL change your relationship to sales including: mindset, transforming the sales process, qualifying prospects, having powerful conversations, making the offer and handling objections. Learn more here.

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