Success Stories of Coaching with Emma Churchman

Honestly, I sought out Emma because I was burning out. I had been working very, very hard in my business towards something that was neither giving me a great joy or the ROI I expected. My soul needed salve and my passion needed some attention and direction. Working with Emma helped me understand why what I was doing wasn’t working for me. How I was operating out of alignment, striving instead of creating from desire. What I learned is, when I truly honor myself, energy and money flows and things naturally start coming together. What I liked best about working with Emma was her commitment to helping me stay accountable to true self so I could make bank and get back to having fun in my business.

Heather Poduska | CEO & Creative Director of Clear Voice Branding LLC

Emma was my first business coach. I hired her because I knew I wanted to grow a six figure business but my training to be a Naturopathic Doctor didn’t teach me how to actually run my practice, especially when it came to sales. With Emma’s coaching, I learned how to design my practice in a way that nurtures my business and my personal life – you gotta have balance!. I love my patients, but I also love marketing, sales and building the infrastructure of my business! I never thought I would say that. On top of that I have learned to trust my intuition in every aspect of my business, and manage my energy so that I am taking action that gets results.

As I worked with Emma, she helped me to grow at a pace that I could comfortably manage and not take on too many projects at one time – focus! If you are ready to take the leap and truly expand your business, work with Emma. It was the best business decision I have made and I am well on my way to having a six figure business!

Dr Lulu Shimek | Naturopathic Doctor

Emma helped me be aligned for me, and the way I am designed to do business, and no other coach has helped me be able to do that. I am trusting myself in my business: I don’t need the “right” script or systems, I need the approach that works for me. As a result of coaching with her, I am making more money, loving my business more, and am able to spend more time doing what I love best!

Dr Jenn Cournoyer | Chiropractor

Emma was incredibly insightful, clear and concise in her approach. She has the coaching process nailed down tight and add to that her unique ability to see distinctions and call them out. More then an accountability partner, she is a Translator- showing me what I say and do in ways I missed before. I came away after my three month program shifted, transformed and more powerful.
Laura McCann | CEO & Co-founder | ADORAtherapy

Emma’s coaching is on par with the best in the industry. Privately coaching with Emma taught me a lot about who I am, how I show up in the world, and, most importantly, my relationship with Faith. Thank you, Emma, for helping me reconnect with God, get out of my own way, and launch my career.

Sandra Grace | Speaker / Author / Coach

I came to Emma during a time when I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to be doing. I was in deep conflict over my place in the world, my calling and my purpose. I own a business that was causing me a lot of stress and fear and those emotions were keeping me from fully living or expressing my gifts.

Working with Emma over the past year, I have developed a very clear idea of where I am going, who I am, and what is mine to do in this world. I have been able to reduce my fear significantly, have grown my business and have made the time to pursue other interests like writing, speaking and going back to school!

Emma is very honest, grounded and FUNNY! I instantly warmed to her natural candor and easy-going approach. She is a great listener but, equally good at “reigning in” when necessary. Emma helped me to learn that my soul purpose is to serve, inspire and to “heal” others. No matter what physical form that takes, as far as a “job”, my true occupation is not what I do….but who I am and what I give to others.

Murphy Funkhouser Capps | Kudzu Brands CEO & Creative Director

I hired Emma when the Universe gave me a BIG signal that I needed to create something revolutionary in my business. She supported my bigger vision brilliantly, helping me to get “Legendary Self” and “Being Mythic” out into the world within a month.

The “Energy In Business” report and “Manifesting Operating System” she created for me are worth their weight in gold, all by themselves! Months after our original contract is over, I’m still referring to them weekly and even sent them to a new assistant, so that she could get a good handle on how I work right away.

Another piece that I loved with Emma was her monthly update on how aligned I was with my goals in certain areas. Within 2 months I went from clients being 18% aligned to 100% aligned! That kind of reassurance isn’t available everywhere, and it’s what I consider her “secret sauce.” Finally, as someone who’s been channeling Akashic Records professionally for 7 years now, I’m quite particular about whom I will let channel for me. I can say that Emma’s skills are rock solid. During our sessions she had us both open my Records and we got answers together.

It was a potent and supportive partnership, but she never failed to hold a hard line when I needed it.

Elizabeth Locey, Ph.D. | Oracle, Wayshower, Mythic Midwife

I struggled to understand and articulate the multi-faceted, dimensional process I engaged clients in. And because of that, understanding its true value eluded me. If you’ve ever tried to describe or sell something you don’t fully understand and therefore feel hazy about its actual value, you know how discouraging this is.

Emma’s teachings taught me why starting with my own heart and mind to grasp and describe the value of my work was life changing. Using the concepts and a very powerful springboard in the program, I was finally able to connect the dots and unite every step of what I do with the value it actually offers. I ended up integrating this breakthrough understanding into new web copy that helped me sign a $60,000 contract. This is proof in the pudding that Emma’s profound teachings and soul-centered sales approach starts with the heart and THAT is where the money is. Understanding your value — really understanding it to your core — is priceless. It’s a gift that never stops giving.

Cynthia Lindeman | Ghostwriter and Writing Coach

Emma Churchman is absolutely worth your time! She has such an amazing ability to show you your authentic self and make you fall in love with everything you can do! What a valuable business partner!

Meade Neumann | Owner/Healer for Renewed Spirit

Working with Emma has been life changing… really! I made the decision to work with her because I knew something big needed to change. I was unhappy with what I was doing and who I was doing it with. There were so many obstacles in play at that point, that my business was almost non-existent. I had an idea as to where I wanted to go, but felt like I had no clue how to make things happen anymore. I was feeling pretty disillusioned.

Throughout the course of just 3 shorts months, I made some significant changes with Emma’s support. I re-aligned to doing what I am passionate about and became crystal clear on what’s been holding that back. My income started to grow and this deep, internal mind-shift happened that was profound in uncovering why I was struggling so.

I’m excited to see what happens in the coming months. There is a momentum that’s in play that is really exciting.

Stacy Vajta | The Everyday Lightworker

“In the first month of working with Emma, we doubled our income. In the following two months, we hit and then exceeded our initial income goals and are on track to hit our next goal in the coming months. In addition, we hired two employees and rebranded! As a result of working with Emma, our programs are stronger, and we feel more excited and confident in our work.”

Rebekah Beneteau | Pleasure Evolution

“I am astounded by the shifts I’ve been able to make in such a short period of time by working with Emma. The momentum had been building in just a few short weeks, but as we know, making changes can be oh-so-scary.  I was facing making a leap of faith from my massage practice to coaching full time and was starting to freak out a bit.

I was able to get on my very first sales call feeling complete and utter peace…and the best part is…I brought in the sale!!! My income on that day went from a $65 session with a massage client to a $5k program doing what I love. The shift in my energy and experience is undeniable. AMAZING!!!”

Stacie Shepherd | The Wellness Psychic

I am working with Emma to align my business fully with my Soul level gifts and talents, as well as with the level of success I am reaching for this year. Working with her is completely transforming my business to more ease, freedom, flow & abundance—and you all know how much I value those! Thanks Emma for your truly astounding gifts!”

Kristine Madera | Spiritual Journey of the Body

After working with Emma for a month I have made a huge transition in how I work and who I work with. She helped me get the clarity I needed, to let go of parts of my business that were no longer serving me and to embrace the clients who serve me best to work with and with whom I can really add value. Now I am free to be my authentic self and trust my greatest gift, my intuition, to help my clients to shine a light on their situation so they can see new possibilities and opportunities and create the freedom and abundance they so desire in their business and life. As an added bonus, in just a month of working together I was able to pay for my coaching program with Emma through sales of new programs to new clients!”

Fidelma Greene | Conscious Business Mentor

Emma’s intuitive guidance and insights into my divine self-expression as an entrepreneur helped me gain much more confidence in following my own inner guidance and passion, rather than forming my business around limiting beliefs or what other people think is necessary for me to make money.”

Chris Allen | Creativity in Business

Emma is the real deal. She walks the talk and is wonderfully intuitive and insightful. She will show up according to your needs rather than imposing her agenda. You may not get exactly what you thought you wanted from her coaching – AND, I am confident you will get what is most appropriate for you according to your needs. I am honored to be able to endorse her services.”

Trevor Lewis | Thriving Empath

“Working with manifesting and universal law has been one of the most helpful things I have ever done to support me in my personal and professional life. Emma’s insights are profound, and her Manifesting Operating System is giving me freedom and permission to be myself. I feel inspired and hopeful for the possibilities it is opening for me.”

Laurie Lunn | Integrative Manual Therapist

Earnings Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent these programs and their potential. Any claims made of actual earnings or examples of actual results can be verified upon request. The testimonials and examples used are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation.

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