Yeah, so, here’s a fun confession: my body was littered with a poison ivy rash for two weeks.

In the world of Louise Hay (who wrote, You Can Heal Your Life: definitely check this fantastic resource out!) this rash is about letting something get under my skin or feeling defenseless.

When you’re a conscious entrepreneur, everything is related to your business. Your energy affects the energy of your business. So, it’s not just the structure and offerings of your business that must be in alignment with your soul and your purpose. It’s also the way you take action and your mindset.

For the icing on your cake, what’s going on in your personal life also needs to be in alignment. To be totally honest, getting your personal life into alignment is sometimes even more challenging than getting your business into alignment.

Case in point…

I’ve definitely had something going on in my personal life that was WAY out of alignment for me the past month or so!

Because I’m an empath, this issue manifested not only in my physical body via the massive poison ivy rash, but also in my mind, in my emotional body, in my spiritual body, and, of course, traces of this showed up in my business – the feeling of defenselessness.

When there is something NOT in alignment in your life or business it’s going to show up as irritation, sometimes in very obvious ways (like this poison ivy rash). This is the Universe trying to get your attention, and sometimes even testing you, to say hey! Are you serious about being in alignment or not?

In my personal life, I really, really, really wanted something to work that was not in alignment and I wasn’t willing to listen until the symptoms got so severe (the poison ivy rash) that I literally had no other option but to remove the “irritation” from my life. And soon as I made the decision and removed the irritation, my symptoms started to subside (like, overnight).

We have to trust our bodies when they are trying to communicate with us, and the sooner the better. They are our allies and friends, not our enemies. Our bodies are beautiful vessels for connecting our Spirit selves here with the physical world. And they are a great way for us to recognize when we are in or out of alignment. Learning to be in great relationship with your body is so good for business!

Let me know how my story lands with you, and if you have had a similar experience!

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