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Conscious Business Mentor 


Art of Feminine Marketing 


This Series is about learning how to get into right relationship with money in your life and business and transform your money consciousness. 

I’m doing this series is because I believe that if we as conscious entrepreneurs and leaders are going to make a significant difference during our lifetime we must get good with money, and learn to make more money in our business, so that we can invest our money where our hearts are. That is what is going to enact global transformation. We MUST claim money as a the most potent energetic path to transforming consciousness on this planet. If, like many conscious entrepreneurs, you carry embedded beliefs within you that money is bad, or wrong, or something to ignore, or something that you can’t have, I want to invite you take on the possibility that you can get into relationship with money in a way that is life-giving to you. In these 21 money mindset episodes I’m sharing with you the 21 money mindset strategies I used to grow my business from an average of $500 in monthly sales to a multi-six figure business in one year with a basic website and no email list. 

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