I’m Emma Churchman and I’d like to help awaken your limitless power + purpose + prosperity. 

It's time for you to claim self-mastery and own your divinity.

It's time to take your brilliance, your massive skillset, your genius, your education, and quantum leap.  

It's time to learn the game of limitless expansion by catalyzing the unique gifts, skills, and talents already within YOU.  

It's time to finally arrive

Here’s what I know about you. You are:  

A badass entrepreneur. A conscious leader and changemaker. A sacred being. A soul with a big purpose. 

This program is your oasis.

Platinum Mentoring is designed to support established conscious leaders and changemakers in a deeply partnered way to scale their businesses to the next level. 

If you are already at six+ figures, have a deep desire to create a bigger impact on the planet, and know you aren't fully expressed yet - even though you are already visible - this is the program for you! 

This is about growing your business, but MORE importantly this is about growing YOU. How you show up in your business matters. The more money you make, the more it matters.  

VIP Two Day Intensive ($30,000 value)

This program begins with a two day in person VIP intensive with Emma and her Lead Coach in Asheville, North Carolina at the Biltmore Estate. 

Imagine a sacred container with you, your business, and two business saavy, masterful, spiritual, energetic, intuitive mentors with eyes on your business. This Intensive is about birthing your divinity, taking all of your gifts, skills, talents and education and catalyzing them for next level growth. We'll release what is ready to die, and pave the way for your self-mastery. We are literally going to raise your vibration so that you can energetically call in more results, more impact, and more expansion.

By the end of this intensive you'll have your roadmap to financial abundance. You will have a solid plan for growing your business over the next 12 months, with a clear understanding of how to align your products + services, clients, marketing, sales and business systems with who you are at soul level. You’ll also understand how you are uniquely designed to take action in your business to maximize results.  

Quarterly Virtual VIP Half-Day ($15,000 value)

This is our opportunity to partner together to ensure that your mindset + business + vibration are all operating at the highest possible level to actualize your global impact. We will meet quarterly to debrief the previous quarter and prepare for next quarter. At the beginning of month four, seven, and ten we meet for a 3 hour virtual VIP Day to discuss strategy for the coming quarter. 

Closing Ceremony: 2 Day Retreat ($15,000 value) At the end of your year we will celebrate all that you have accomplished during your Platinum year! (location TBD). Imagine two full days with you and I, playing and relaxing together, recognizing your massive growth and ensuring you are completely aligned for success moving forward. We'll pick the location and the luxury experience together!

Monthly Private Mentoring with Emma ($24,000 value) Ongoing private mentoring to ensure you've got all the support you desire to talk through, work through, and address any energetic blocks to your growth. You have three private mentoring calls per month (up to 60 minutes each), to be used as needed. You may schedule these calls according to your availability. All calls will be recorded, and mp3 recordings will be made available. These calls expire at the end of each month (i.e. calls cannot be banked). 

Unlimited Email and/or Voxer Access ($30,000 value) Sometimes you need answers and feedback immediately. You have a burning question, an inspired idea, an unexpected situation, or something about which you would like perspective. Unlimited access is perfect for all of that! In Platinum you have unlimited email/Voxer access to Emma, Monday through Friday, for the duration of this program, in order to receive the on demand support you need and deserve between mentoring sessions.

Access to the Akashic Records (Priceless!) As part of this program, you receive full access to your Akashic Record and the Akashic Record of your business. Emma will teach you how to ask questions in your record to help keep you, and your business, in alignment with your soul. This truly is the secret sauce for massive results. You can get as specific as needed, from price points to marketing strategies. We'll also clear anything in your records blocking your growth.

Full Access to Emma’s Business (Priceless!) As part of this program, Emma will give you full access to what happens behind the scenes in her business, including the struggles, learning, and successes. You will experience the growth of her business in a very intimate way, seeing up close and personal how (and how not) to run a business in an intuitive, aligned way!

I've included some awesome bonuses for you! 

VIP Intensive Luxury Accommodation ($2,000 value) Three nights of luxury accommodation at the Biltmore Estate will be provided for your VIP Intensive, as well as car service from the airport, a gorgeous massage, and all meals.

Closing Ceremony Luxury Accommodation ($2,000 value) Three nights and two days of luxury accommodation at a location to be determined. Meals and car service from the airport are also included.

Energy in Business Report ($500 value) Are you ready to learn how your soul is designed to do business, and exactly how to get into alignment to attract your ideal clients? This report is personally created for you by Emma, based on your Akashic Record, and showcases how you are designed to offer products + services, and how to market, sell, and structure your business in a way that is aligned JUST to you.

Manifesting Operating System Report ($500 value) Taking action in your business doesn’t have to be a struggle. When you learn how your soul is designed to take action you + your business shift from overwhelm to ease and grace. This report is personally created for you by Emma, based on your Akashic Record.

Technology Audit ($1,000 value) Let's ensure the back-end of your business is set up in a way that will allow you to grow your empire! This bonus includes two hours of a private technology audit of your business with Emma's amazing business manager, Beth Barr-Jobson! During this audit you and Beth will review your existing technology infrastructure: what's working well, what's causing you problems, where do you need to grow. Beth will prepare a customized list of recommendations for next steps for you to use in improving your tech.  

Program Access ($20,000 value) Access to all of my existing courses (Grow Your Empire, Master Money Now, Soul Aligned Business Blueprint, Art of Influence) plus everything I create over the coming year.

Program Value: $140,000

Your Investment: $10,000 to enroll + 12 monthly payments of $7,500  

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  • You are ready for a quantum leap.
  • You have already experienced traditional success in business
  • You have a giant brain + open heart and desire to play bigger in your business 
  • You are ready to have massive impact and release any fears of judgment or shame
  • You get that mindset + alignment + vibration need to be the primary focus for this next level growth are ready to stop being a lone ranger - trying to figure ALL the things out on your own - and finally invest in your quantum leap
  • You know that your business is a platform for your spiritual evolution
  • You want to work with the energy of your business and love the idea of expanding vibration!
  • You are here to share your genius and sacred gifts with the world
  • You are done playing small, getting in your own way, and feeling isolated
  • You get that true alignment involves all of YOU: your business, health, spirit, emotions + relationships and you are willing to show up powerfully for yourself in EVERY area of your life + biz
  • You are committed to dropping even deeper into your purpose 
  • You desire a mentor who is smart, compassionate, and leads with integrity - who sees you more clearly than you see yourself - who doesn’t bullsh*t you, and who can actually help you get out of your own way
  • You are ready, willing and able to invest in your next level growth.  

  • Know exactly how to expand your vibration
  • Own your badassery.  
  • Have more agency in yourself and your business.
  • Be in charge of your own destiny
  • Finally achieve self-mastery.  
  • Put your $$ where your heart is and have global and humanitarian impact.
  • Thrive instead of survive. 
  • Become a powerful sovereign creator
  • Get into right relationship with fear. 
  • Be at choice about what you want to experience.
  • Experience freedom to do business exactly the way you desire.
  • Release the addiction to scarcity and surviving.
  • Take a radical stand for yourself and your business.
  • Command your value + own your power.
  • Oh, and make more MONEY doing what you LOVE, of course.

“I came to Emma during a time when I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to be doing. I was in deep conflict over my place in the world, my calling and my purpose. I own a business that was causing me a lot of stress and fear and those emotions were keeping me from fully living or expressing my gifts. 

Working with Emma over the past year, I have developed a very clear idea of where I am going, who I am, and what is mine to do in this world. I have been able to reduce my fear significantly, have grown my business and have made the time to pursue other interests like writing, speaking and going back to school!  

Emma is very honest, grounded and FUNNY! I instantly warmed to her natural candor and easy-going approach. She is a great listener but, equally good at “reining in” when necessary. Emma helped me to learn that my soul purpose is to serve, inspire and to “heal” others. No matter what physical form that takes, as far as a “job”, my true occupation is not what I do….but who I am and what I give to others.” 

Murphy Funkhouser Capps | Kudzu Brands CEO & Creative Director

"Honestly, I sought out Emma because I was burning out. I had been working very, very hard in my business towards something that was neither giving me a great joy or the ROI I expected. My soul needed salve and my passion needed some attention and direction. 

Working with Emma helped me understand why what I was doing wasn’t working for me. How I was operating out of alignment, striving instead of creating from desire. What I learned is, when I truly honor myself, energy and money flows and things naturally start coming together. 

What I liked best about working with Emma was her commitment to helping me stay accountable to my true self so I could make bank and get back to having fun in my business." 

Heather Poduska | CEO & Creative Director of Clear Voice Branding

“Emma’s coaching is on par with the best in the industry. Privately coaching with Emma taught me a lot about who I am, how I show up in the world, and, most importantly, my relationship with Faith. 

Thank you, Emma, for helping me reconnect with God, get out of my own way, and launch my career.” 

Sandra Grace | Speaker / Author / Coach 

"Emma is strong and uncompromising in her ability to stay confident and hold space, which in turn promotes confidence. What she offers is not fluffy, which is why she stands out from most of the other coaches I've met. 

She offers a profound paradigm that's based on the soul - and that is REAL. I've always "believed" I have a soul but after working with Emma, I 100% KNOW I do - and I KNOW everyone else does too, which enables me to relate to others and myself much more securely and expansively. Emma taught me how to carry that knowledge into my business, which is a precious gift." 

Cynthia Lindeman | Writing Coach

“Emma was incredibly insightful, clear and concise in her approach. 

She has the coaching process nailed down tight and add to that her unique ability to see distinctions and call them out. More then an accountability partner, she is a Translator- showing me what I say and do in ways I missed before. 

I came away shifted, transformed and more powerful.” 

Laura McCann | CEO & Co-founder, Adoratherapy 

"I have known for a number of years that I was getting in my own way re: the success of my business. What I didn't know was how to get out of my way. I had worked with coaches in the past and had been working with another coach for 4 months when I had a consult with Emma. 

She understood more of the challenges in my business after 30 minutes than the other coach did after 4 months and things continued to get better from there. She has helped me be me in my business, making decisions and creating systems that are aligned with me, and I am having a blast doing it. 

On top of all of that, I am making more money, making decisions with confidence, trusting my intuition, and I have been able to hire an employee and a virtual assistant so I can focus on what I really enjoy. And it keeps getting better." 

Dr. Jenn Hatfield | Owner, Mountain Phoenix Center for Vibrant Living

I’m Emma Churchman and I have a long history of failing in business.  

Over two decades of my on-again, off-again entrepreneurial journey, I dragged a ton of crap into my businesses: lack of clarity about what my gifts really are, guilt with charging money for those gifts, fear of being visible, overwhelm at being a business owner, all mixed together with a massive amount of struggle. I also tried just about every “magic business formula” ouout there for growing my business to six figures.

When I got into alignment with who I am at soul-level in every aspect of my business, addressed my limiting mindset, raised my vibration and mastered how to take aligned action, I grew my business from an average of $500 to an average of $20,000 in monthly sales in 30 days. My business grew to multiple-six figures within that same year (with a basic website and no email list)! That was over four years ago and I'm still growing!

Today I understand that conscious entrepreneurs are uniquely poised to transform consciousness on this planet in a significant way. If this is your mission I’d LOVE to help you play a bigger game in your business and expand your global impact!

Are you ready to do business in a way completely aligned to you, with the mindset, vibration and results to match?

Case Study: Adam Nicholson Marketing Consultant Turned Erotic Energy Coach

After listening to a few of Emma’s podcast episodes, I was blown away. Her presence, intuition, and coaching skills came through so clearly. I knew immediately I wanted to work with her.  

When I first started my marketing business it experienced rapid growth and was doing relatively well. Big clients landed in my lap and I was making more money than I ever had as a salaried employee. But I wasn’t happy.  

As I was growing my marketing business, I’d also been doing deeper into my spiritual practice and, pretty quickly, I realized that my path was not going to be as a digital marketer. But of course, I resisted. I thought I had to stay in digital marketing. I was making money and I had good clients. I didn’t think I could stop the marketing work to go be a ‘healer,’ which is what I really wanted to do.  

So, I began targeting my digital marketing services to conscious entrepreneurs. I was too scared to actually be a conscious entrepreneur so I thought working with them would bring me satisfaction. Instead I experienced lots of stress because all of my existing marketing clients left and I wasn’t able to land any new ones. I was completely out of alignment.  

I’d been doing my own coaching and healing on the side. I work with medicinal aromatherapy, Biofield Tuning, and erotic energy healing. I was scared to death to talk about these things with anyone and I couldn’t imagine making any money from them. I certainly didn’t trust myself enough to think I could make a living from the work.  

When I reached out to Emma I wanted her to help me make money from my digital marketing business. I thought she could do that for me and that I could continue to work in a job that was not fulfilling while doing my healing on the side.  

That fantasy was shattered pretty quickly into my first session with Emma. She immediately tapped into where my energy was and guided to a place I’d been way too scared to visit on my own.  

After three weeks of working with Emma, she took me from whispering about my erotic energy healing work to posting about it on social media. She helped me overcome some of my biggest fears and helped me to stand in my own authority and say what I wanted.  

When that happened, everything started moving with more ease, with more speed, and with bigger outcomes.  

I made $8,000 in the first month of going public with my new healing business – more than I had ever imagined receiving for erotic energy coaching!  

Other things shifted to: I moved to NYC to be closer to potential clients – a move I’d never imagined and that took more trust in myself than I thought was possible. I began landing more consultations than I ever had. Content became easier to produce because, for the first time in my life, I was doing what I wanted to be doing. My website visits and site interactions began rising to levels I’d never experienced before. Most importantly, everything became easier.  

I learned to get out of my own way. One of the biggest struggles I had in this transition was trusting myself. I didn’t trust myself with money, with clients, or with myself. I had always approached money from a lack mentality and didn’t really know how to exist outside of that. As a result of coaching with Emma I forged a new relationship with money. Emma’s teaching on sales completely transformed the way I showed up for myself and for potential clients in sales calls.  

To be honest, it is incredibly hard to put down on paper the impact that Emma has had on my business. It is hard because while I have seen changes and improvements to the metrics I track for my business (revenue, sales calls, conversions, content creation, etc…), the biggest shifts have happened at the soul level.  

I never fully understood what it meant to live a soul-aligned life, a truly authentic life. To be sure, I still don’t have that, but I have glimpsed it. My work with Emma gave me a new benchmark for my journey and one that I yearn for. It is a path of fulfillment, satisfaction, and pure pleasure.  

Before Emma, I had compartmentalized so much of my life. I had separate buckets for work, political friends, healer friends, gay friends, and my spiritual journey. Emma taught me to show up as my full self. She showed me the power that comes from knowing my soul’s desires and then standing up and making them happen.  

My six months with Emma have, by far, been the most impactful moments of my life. I have never shifted so quickly and so deeply at any other point in my life.  

For me, this journey was demanding. It required me to be completely vulnerable and trusting of myself and of Emma. It required me to fight a lot of old patterns and continuously work to not let them come back in.  

I know that my business and my spiritual journey will require a lot more work, but I feel so ready to take that on. Emma has gotten me and my business to a new level – a level I never imagined could be possible.

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