Episode Overview:

This episode focuses on Mindset Strategy #12 – Stay in Faith.

Staying in faith in business is about learning to navigate the unknown – that space between the goal you have set and achieving that goal. Without the right mindset strategy, you can quickly turn the unknown into a wasteland of fear and scarcity in your business.


Get clear on what your spiritual practices are that help you to be in faith.

When you are worried, fearful, anxious, or not sure about your path forward, what is it that allows you to return to that place of faith?

Is it reading Scripture, going for a walk in nature, meditating, reading something inspirational, talking with a trusted friend, journaling, saying mantras or something else?

Create a plan, and accountability, to stay close to your spiritual practices on a regular basis – and especially when you notice yourself feeling fear!

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Emma Churchman
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