I’m Emma Churchman, a spiritual teacher and business mentor
with a seminary degree and mad-genius psychic skills.





We are in a time of massive growth in consciousness on this planet. The era of the mind is coming to an end, and spiritual consciousness (and the Divine Feminine) are leading the way for our collective future. Synthesizing our intellectual, emotional, physical, and spiritual intelligences is what is needed for our growth as a species.

I am here to teach that integration and synthesis.



I am the founder and creator of the Quantum Creation Program, a comprehensive metaphysical modality utilizing manifestation + vibration + mindset + alignment to unlock quantum growth and release limitation. Quantum Creation was born from years of mentoring spiritually conscious entrepreneurs to bring their businesses into alignment with their souls, to work with their own energy, and to breakthrough limiting mindset beliefs.



My mad genius psychic skills had me training in and then working 15 years ago as an energy healer and shamanic practitioner. In the midst of being a hands-on-healer and spiritual director, I went to Quaker seminary for a Master’s of Divinity degree (I’m 12th generation Quaker). That led me to serve as a trauma chaplain and home hospice chaplain for several years helping hundreds of people die. (No joke: people LOVE to die around me.) Alongside chaplaincy I began mentoring conscious entrepreneurs in the death and rebirth process of entrepreneurial growth (very similar to chaplaincy, just without the physical death). Currently, my gorgeous, giant brain gets it’s workout as I go through a PhD program in metaphysical science.

My clients have always come to me seeking wisdom. Today I’m a spiritual teacher, helping conscious coaches + practitioners + entrepreneurs unlock quantum growth and release limitation for themselves and their people. This is how I help transform consciousness on this planet – by helping those folks already at the cutting edge of their fields catalyze their next level growth. I love teaching spiritual principles in a way that creates practical, real-life results.



I live in Asheville, in the mountains of Western North Carolina in the US, one of the most biologically diverse parts of the United States, and home to spiritual vortexes and at least one major Ley line. My two miniature dachshunds, Winston and Leroy, live with me up a mountain in a cabin. We spend a lot of time outside, hiking, napping in the hammock, observing nature, listening. I cook, I study, I write, I care for my body, I spend time with close friends. For the most part, I have a quiet, simple, monastic life.

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