Have you ever wondered how you actually manifest things in your life and business? 

Do you believe that you probably have a system that you use to manifest, you’re just not sure exactly what it is?  

Have you ever manifested something really powerful but had no idea how it happened?

Are you ready to understand exactly how your Soul is designed to manifest all aspects of the human experience? 

The Manifesting Operating System does just that! 

The Manifesting Operating System is highly PRACTICAL and offers a grounded perspective on translating your Soul’s design for creation into every aspect of your life. 

The System helps you give yourself permission to want what you really want (because, deep down, most highly conscious seekers ALREADY want to experience their Divinity within their humanity. Sometimes, though, we don’t know how to think beyond societal conditioning.) 

You can finally stop chasing goals that are not even congruent to who you are. And you can uncover what “real life” circumstances will allow you to experience your Divinity the most, and therefore create more abundance.

In your Manifesting Operating System, you will discover detailed information, such as:

How interaction with others can serve or hinder you, depending on your design for manifesting. 

Your exact “change process” when you want to manifest new results into your experience. 

How you self-sabotage by using the wrong motivation to move forward towards your goals.

How certain societal principles present a direct opposition to how you are designed to manifest your experience. 

The Manifesting Operating System is ideal for people who want to EMBRACE their human experience as the Soul’s chosen playground for Divine self-expression. 

Living our Divinity means that we cannot ignore essential creative aspects of our humanity, such as money and sexuality. 

After all, our Soul chose THIS experience. To call any aspect of it “un-spiritual” is to negate the Soul’s choice to be here!

“Working with manifesting and universal law has been one of the most helpful things I have ever done to support me in my personal and professional life. Emma’s insights are profound, and her Manifesting Operating System is giving me freedom and permission to be myself. I feel inspired and hopeful for the possibilities it is opening for me.” 

Laurie Lunn | Integrative Manual Therapist

Step One: Your Akashic Record

Your Manifesting Operating System is based in your Akashic Record. This is not a template manifesting protocol, but rather one created exclusively for you, based on your soul record.  

The Akashic Records are an energetic database that contain an imprint of every thought, feeling, action and experience for every soul that has ever occurred in time and space. The database is also referred to as “The Book of Life” or Universal Consciousness. The records contain all knowledge of human experience and the cosmos. The Akasha field exists in the fifth dimension and is all around us. The Records have been referenced in all religions and spiritual traditions and are described as a metaphysical library or universal supercomputer. You have an Akashic Record, and your business has one as well!

Step Two: A Thirty (30) Page Written Report

This detailed written report about your unique Manifesting Operating System contains:  

  • Seven different approaches to use when Manifesting.  
  • Tips for uncovering where you are in or out of alignment with those approaches.  
  • Guideposts for showing you how to get out of the way of your own manifestation process.  
  • Manifesting advice for how to work with each approach – you will learn exactly how to take action that aligns with your soul.

Step Three: A Thirty (30) Minute Session with Emma

Once you have received and read your Manifesting Operating System you will be able to schedule a thirty minute private phone call with Emma Churchman to ask questions and get further clarity about how you manifest! 

Most folks bring one or two things they would like to manifest to the consultation, and we create an action plan for making that happen!

"Emma’s Manifesting Operating System is a super useful tool. She offers up a thoroughly comprehensive guide to how your Soul is designed to manifest and engage in your creative process. The information she passed along was practical, and has continued to be a valuable resource for me to keep coming back to. The information I received was deeply resonant to my experience, yet having it clearly laid out in front of me allowed a few pieces of the puzzle to click for me. I use my System to adjust how I’m approaching what I’m creating – both in my work and my life. It’s helped me to re-align and get back on track over and over again!"

Stacy Vajta | The Everyday Lightworker

A Personal Note from Emma Churchman

I use the Manifesting Operating System with ALL of my private coaching clients, as the foundational tool for understanding and deciding what actions to take to uplevel their businesses. When I started using the Manifesting Operating System in my own business I went from an average of $500 in monthly sales to an average of $20,000 in monthly sales – in just 30 days! 

I started only taking action aligned to my Soul – and my business went from constant struggle to aligned effort – which ultimately meant a lot less work and headaches for me! If you are a conscious entrepreneur I strongly encourage you to incorporate the Manifesting Operating System into your business toolbox!

“The "Energy In Business" report and "Manifesting Blueprint" Emma created for me are worth their weight in gold, all by themselves! Months after our contract is over, I'm still referring to them weekly and even sent them to a new assistant, so that she could get a good handle on how I work right away.” 

Elizabeth Locey, Ph.D. | Oracle, Wayshower, Mythic Midwife

The investment for the Manifesting Operating System

(and 30 minute session) is $500.