Usually, making assumptions bites us in the ass (to be frank). When we assume, we take for granted, or misinterpret, or put our own story onto someone else. Making assumptions can have a really negative impact on our most important relationships.

But what if making assumptions was actually good for your business? Check out this short video to learn more…

This money mindset strategy, Assume Everyone Wants to Work with You, is quite brilliant. Think about it this way…

How many of the people you encounter on a daily basis are you willing to see as prospective clients or customers?

Or do you keep wondering where your clients are?

Do you constantly bemoan the fact that you can never find people who want to work with you?

This is kind of like dating. When you are looking for someone to date, do you walk into every party or event you attend and assume that everyone wants to date you, or do you wonder if there will even be one person who will be interested in you?

If you enter the world seeing everyone as a prospective client you are going to have a much different experience than if you are entering the world feeling like no one will ever buy from you, and like you have no idea where your clients are.

Your energy around sales can make or break your business financially.

The thing is, when you have a business you MUST be good at sales. Because a business literally cannot exist without sales – in order to be a business there must be an exchange of value – you offer a product or service and your client or customer gives you money for it.

Here is how your energy affects the sales in your business.

When we are selling a product or service, our prospects pick up information about us through their 5 senses. In fact, everyone we meet does this too.

They also pick up information from us subconsciously through vibration and intuition.

You know that feeling – when you just have the sense that someone isn’t trustworthy?

When you have an off feeling about a person you are picking up something energetically from that person. Our prospects can pick up a lot from us vibrationally and intuitively.

How we show up on a daily basis affects how people experience us.

So in sales for example, we can begin a conversation with the full intention of serving our prospect – really wanting to help or give to that prospective client or customer.

Subconsciously, though, something may not be in alignment with that – either you believe that you have to get something from the prospect or you have a wound surfacing – most frequently a wound that communicates to the prospect – “Don’t see me!”

If you, as the sales person, are ashamed/embarrassed or guilt-ridden about something – while you are consciously telling yourself you want to help your prospect, subconsciously you will be communicating something else to that prospect.

Your prospect WILL pick up on it!

The result is that the prospect will not buy from you, and you (and they) won’t really know why – they’ll just know that something doesn’t feel right.

What’s the solution?

The next time you go to meet someone new, say to yourself: this person is so excited to buy from me! They’ve just been waiting for me to invite them.

You don’t have to change anything that you would normally say to someone new, you don’t have to perfect your sales or marketing strategy, you don’t even have to talk directly about your business – just embody that new energy of – this person is so excited to buy from me! And see what happens…

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