What is leading your business? Is it fear, or desire? Because money LOVES desire, and fear repels money.

Check out this short video I created on how to lead with desire in your business.

This money mindset strategy, Lead with Desire, is about how to lead with desire instead of fear.

Unfortunately, we’ve been taught by all kinds of “spiritual authorities” for thousands of years that desire is wrong.

We’re taught that we should be grateful for what we have. We shouldn’t want more.  We should be satisfied with our lives. This is especially true when our lives are pretty good.

There is nothing wrong with having a gratitude practice. Gratitude is beautiful!

If we practice gratitude in order to make ourselves feel better because we don’t think we can attain greater abundance, or we don’t think we deserve an even more abundant life, then suddenly having a gratitude practice causes us to settle. It creates a limitation.

Desire has really not been okay for us. We have been taught that really wanting more for ourselves is not okay. Wanting more – more money, more fun, more sex, more freedom – all of this has been deemed greedy, irresponsible, selfish and self-centered.

So we have a habit of squishing our own desires into submission because we have a lot of voices in our heads judging us for wanting more.

Our divine nature and the nature of the Divine is for more life, more creation – that is what we are here for and that is our nature.

It is part of our divine self-expression to want to create something new and different. Yet we have been told for centuries that wanting more for ourselves is not spiritual – how crazy is that!

Isn’t it convenient that spiritual authorities have instilled in us that desire is wrong?

It’s not strictly those institutions’ fault. We have to remember where we came from – thousands of years ago life was not safe, we were killing one another, so a lot of religious institutions and teachings taught us how to put a lid on desire, and called it unspiritual, told us we should just be satisfied.

This way of thinking allowed us to peacefully co-exist. This clamping down on desire was a necessary part of human evolution.

Today in modern society it’s okay to want something more. It’s okay to want it really, really badly. And it’s okay to have motivations that are not entirely altruistic, or positive, because your shadow side is as full of desire as your light.

When we want something badly enough, we can overcome any resistance our survival instincts throw at us.

We have largely conditioned ourselves out of feeling desire – because we think we can’t have what we want, because we don’t want to be greedy or selfish, and because our shadow side scares us.

Think about that for a minute – what is actually going to happen if you have everything you want? Will you lose friendships, your spouse, your community, your sense of belonging, your identity?

A pattern that I see with a lot of entrepreneurs is that they stay stuck in lack and scarcity because it’s easier for them to do that then to confront the stories they carry inside about why they can’t be, do or have more than they have now.

It’s easier for these entrepreneurs to stay stuck in lack and scarcity than to cultivate their own desire – because at some point early on they learned that their own desire was wrong or bad.

Our stories – the ones that run 24/7 in our subconscious mind – are trying to keep us safe. These are stories we learned primarily before the age of 7.

Let me give you some examples of stories that keep you from your desire:

  • Desire is wrong or bad.
  • It’s not safe to have what I want.
  • If I am visible I will be punished, or I will be killed.
  • Everyone else can have what they want, but I can’t.
  • It’s too hard to be myself.

Breaking free from these stories can actually feel like you are going to die. This is normal.

We have to break free from these stories in order to get into relationship with our desire! Because our desire is the ultimate guidance system for our business!

Here’s the first step to breaking free from these stories. Take some time to get clear on exactly what stories are keeping you from being in touch with your desire. You can journal about this, talk with a friend about it, and if you have a coach or therapist, talk with them about it – because those folks are great at helping you unpack what is holding you back!

P.S. Be sure to let me know in the comments your biggest takeaway! (I respond to every comment personally.)

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