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If you’ve followed me for any length of time you know I’m a straight talker. I am ALWAYS going to tell you the truth, even if it isn’t what you want to hear (grin).

Here’s the truth about what it is REALLY going to take to get your business to the next level in 2018. Check out this short video…

Let’s dive into Money Mindset Strategy #21 – Hire a Coach!

This should be obvious but just in case it’s not: if you are not getting the monetary results you say you want, you are NOT going to be able to figure out how to get new results on your own.

A coach who is further along the money + biz path than you can help you leap forward in your business in a much shorter time frame than you just trying to do it on your own. On average, I see business coaches saving entrepreneurs 3-5 years of effort and struggle.

I know this intimately, because I tried doing it on my own for 17 years. And I spent 17 years in struggle, lack and scarcity. Then I finally hired a coach, and my business went from an average of $500 in monthly sales to multi-six figures in a year. Just sayin’.

For those of you who are in therapy thinking you are addressing your mindset issues and that is enough, and that you don’t really need a coach, consider this…

A therapist is not trained in identifying exactly what money mindset issues will trip you up and what to do about them. A therapist doesn’t care whether or not your business is successful – they are focused on your emotional well being. They are focused on you clearing up your past, in order to be good with your present. A business coach is focused on your future and what needs to happen today to create the future you desire.

If you haven’t ever hired a coach, consider this…

If you are not making the money and having the impact you say that you want in your business and this pattern has been going on for YEARS, I guarantee that you are not going to ever, like EVER, have the breakthrough you need on your own. Because you are in your own blindspot. Which you can’t see, because you are in it. If this has happened for you then you need a coach who can help you see your own stumbling blocks.

If you’ve hired a business coach and had crappy results, consider this…

Not all business coaches are the same. Sometimes we’ll hire someone because the success they have had inspires us, and we want that same level of success. But then we try to copy their model of how to do business and it doesn’t work for us. Then we get super frustrated and feel like we’ve just wasted hundreds (or thousands!) of dollars. If this has happened for you then you need a coach who can help you see how you uniquely are designed to do business.

If you’re on the fence about hiring a coach, if you’ve interviewed a ton of coaches and no one has seemed to really get YOU, or if you’re literally exhausted by the limiting voices spinning around in your head and you can’t shut them up, let’s talk.

I would LOVE to offer you a 30 minute complimentary consultation with me. No strings attached. Just a time for you and I to chat, and look at what is really going on in your business, and what you actually need to take it to the next level. Please let me help you get out of your own way.

P.S. Be sure to let me know in the comments your biggest takeaway! (I respond to every comment personally.)

P.P.S. Are you ready to Master Money Now? Go here to get started.

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