Do you have a huge vision for the impact you want to have, but are unsure how to make it a reality? 

Are you ready to step even more fully into your Power and your Zone of Genius? 

Do you long to be part of a tribe of women who see you clearly, who f*cking call you out, and who hold the vibration for you to grow your empire? 

You are a woman. An entrepreneur. A sacred being. A soul with a big purpose.

You are an expert in your field, and your business is a deep personal expression of who you are at a core level. Your business is successful and you feel PROUD of what you’ve created! You’ve kicked some ass, broken some rules, and made your own dreams happen. You’re ready for MORE. You want to grow an empire. The problem is that you feel STUCK. You get that you are not standing in your Truth and your Power and your Genius. You’ve built a big business and now you’re spending more time working IN the business than ON the business. Your own emotional, physical, spiritual and financial needs seem to have fallen by the wayside. You can’t figure out how to get to that next level in your biz that doesn’t have you working MORE, stressing MORE, handling MORE. You want the multi-six or 7 figure Empire. You want the 20 hour work weeks. You want massive self-care and a supportive team that gets your vision. But mainly you want to…  


What’s happening for you is that your definition of success is drastically changing.  

It has stopped being just about the money you can make in your business. It has become what that money can afford you, but meanwhile you can’t figure out how to: 

  • Stop managing your business and lead it instead 
  • Stop waiting for things to fall apart
  • Transform your to-do list into a desire list 
  • Take your foot off the gas, and trust long enough to get new results 
  • Shift from resenting or fearing your business to falling in love with it again  

You may think you need help with strategy, but really what you need to get to the next level is managing your own mindset. Here’s the thing:  

Your Empire begins to grow first in you.

You have to become radically comfortable with your expertise and authority. You must embody a new way of being, because what got you this far will NOT get you to the next level! 

This is about you claiming your Divinity and understanding that you are the catalyst for creating abundance.

You must lead with your intuition, learn how to be in right-relationship with your business, get seriously comfortable with money and continually up-leveling, and you must become disciplined with your mindset, your emotions and your decisions. But this is not what most business women focus on!

Most business women focus on taking MORE action, offering MORE products + services, and creating MORE responsibility for themselves. That doesn't work, and the reason why is because THAT is not a sustainable business model. That might be a model that COULD get you to 7 figures, but I guarantee that by the time you get to 7 figures you will hate your business and hate yourself. 

The game that I am playing as I scale to 7 figures, that I would like to invite you to join, is scaling in a life-giving, sustainable way. Imagine a 7 figure business you LOVE, that functions beautifully with you only working 20 hours a week ONLY doing your genius. That is what I want for you.  

The reasons you haven’t gotten the results you desire in your business, or haven’t gotten them consistently are:  

  • the hustling, proving, driving energy you used to build your business is not the energy you need to sustain it - in fact, this energy will derail your business after a certain point; 
  • you’ve followed or worked with mentors who embody the divine masculine, and pooh-pooh the divine feminine - yet you are not getting same results you used to get by following their lead; 
  • you’re too focused on strategy and not enough on mindset and embodiment - because mindset and embodiment don’t seem tangible enough to reach the top of your to-do list. 

Lost in the wilderness? This program is your compass.

The Grow Your Empire program affirms that you are being called to align with your intuitive abilities in a new way. 

You are here to have a significant impact on transforming consciousness on this planet. You are a force to be reckoned with. You can have anything you want. You CAN and SHOULD be asking for the world. You get that the platform of your business is exactly what is going to help change the paradigm, and you’re ripe for upleveling and having a MUCH bigger impact.

As you let your intuition lead, magic and miracles begin to open for you. By claiming your personal power, you consciously create your reality in ways you've never done before.  

How you show up in your business matters. The more money you make, the more it matters.  

The Grow Your Empire program supports you in embodying a new way of doing business. You may think that you need help with strategy, but in my mentoring experience what you really need is guidance for embodying the version of you that can lead an empire. And that always begins with mindset!

Your business is an extension of you. You are not an extension of your business.  

In this nine month curated mentoring and mastermind program, we will dive deep into YOU as the foundation of your business, assuring that all aspects of you are aligned to the EMPIRE you desire to build. What this program offers is very personalized, very partnered support for growing your business to the next level, utilizing energetics, the Akashic Records, Universal Laws, and the divine Feminine.

This program is built on three pillars: mindset, alignment and embodiment.

This program is about soulful, conscious, amazing women entrepreneurs coming together in a deeply partnered way to support one another in business, life, and purpose. 

You are the sum total of the people you surround yourself with.

What could be possible for you if you spent the next 9 months surrounded by 10 other amazing women entrepreneurs doing their purpose in the world? 

This program is specifically designed for the woman entrepreneur who has already experienced traditional success in business who: 

  • has a giant brain + open heart who wants to play bigger in her business 
  • gets that mindset needs to be the primary focus to grow an empire 
  • knows that her business is a platform for her spiritual journey 
  • is ready to work with the energy of her business 
  • is here to share her genius and her sacred gifts with the world 
  • has a deep desire to transform consciousness on this planet  
  • is done playing small, getting in her own way, and feeling isolated 
  • gets that true alignment involves all of YOU: your business, health, spirit, emotions + relationships and is willing to show up powerfully for herself in EVERY area of her life
  • wants to double+ the revenue in her business, but even more importantly, 
  • wants to feel secure in leading her empire  
  • is ready to join a sisterhood of Queen empire builders 
  • is ready, willing + able to invest in a 5 figure program  

This program is not for you if:

  • you’re a dude (sorry, dudes - if this program has you drooling, email me and let’s find another way to get you support: 
  • you're not generating a minimum of $80K annually
  • you have yet to get the basics of your business handled (i.e. program design, marketing and sales strategy, enrollment, client management, building an infrastructure) 
  • you have never received business coaching or participated in a mastermind 
  • you’re more committed to fear than to your spiritual path 
  • you’re only in business to make as much money as possible  
  • you don’t believe in the Akashic Records or Universal Law or energetics or anything woo-woo 
  • you’re unwilling to be vulnerable and authentic with peers or a coach  

If you believe this program is in deep alignment for you and your business, please read on!  

You will receive private mentoring support, peer mastermind support and teaching in a deliciously intimately partnered way! 

The program is designed to align every aspect of your life + your business so that your soul + your mindset are completely oriented towards abundance and you are embodying the badass Queen that you are. 

By the end of this program you will be in a completely NEW vibration and NEW way of being in the world.

90-Minute Private Intensive with Emma To be utilized as soon as you enroll in the program, this intensive will help you to determine your goals and intentions for the Grow your Empire program.

Quarterly Private Mentoring Support with Emma Each quarter you receive a 60 minute private mentoring call with Emma. You can schedule these calls according to your availability. All calls will be recorded, and mp3 recordings will be available to you.

Monthly Mastermind Call This is a monthly two hour call for all participants. We dive deep into exactly where you most needing support. Everyone has a hot seat, so each person gets live coaching from Emma as well as feedback and support from peers. All calls will be recorded, and mp3 recordings will be available to participants.

Accountability Partner Everyone in this program will be partnered with an accountability partner, to meet with weekly during the program. This ensures you get added support with making changes in your business (and your mindset!).

Access to the Akashic Records As part of this program, you receive full access to your Akashic Record and the Akashic Record of your business. Emma will teach you how to ask questions in your record to help keep you, and your business, in alignment with your soul. You can get as specific as needed, from price points to marketing strategies.

Private Facebook Group with coaching support from Emma Imagine a powerful team of conscious entrepreneurs available to you at your fingertips! When it’s time to share a success, get extra help, get unstuck, attract an accountability partner or collaborate with others in your community, this members-only group is available to you, 24/7. Emma is in the group daily, offering coaching and support. Group coaching clients rave about the level of vulnerability and authenticity in this private Facebook group.

In-Person Retreat During this program we’ll have the opportunity to gather together in deep sisterhood for a three-day in-person retreat in Asheville, North Carolina at the end of the program. This retreat is your opportunity to get to know one another better, receive in-person mentoring from Emma, and support one another in reaching the next level in your business. Accommodations and meals at the retreat are included in this program investment.

Full Access to Emma’s Business As part of this program, Emma will give you full access to what happens behind the scenes in her business, including the struggles, learning, and successes. You will experience the growth of her business in a very intimate way, seeing up close and personal how (and how not) to run a business in an intuitive, aligned way!

In addition to all this, you get Bonuses! 

Energy in Business Report ($500 value) The Energy in Business Report is your blueprint for client attraction and running your business, and is based on a reading done by Emma in your Akashic Records.  

This report provides a powerful template for how to align each aspect of your business: products + services, clients, marketing, sales, and business systems with who you are at soul level. When you align your business in this way, freedom and financial abundance are the natural result!

Manifesting Operating System Report ($500 value) Your Manifesting Operating System shows you exactly how your Soul is designed to manifest all aspects of the human experience. It is highly PRACTICAL and offers a very grounded perspective on translating your Soul's design for creation into every aspect of your life. Every soul has a UNIQUE Operating System. This System helps you give yourself permission to want what you really want (because, deep down, most conscious seekers ALREADY want to experience their Divinity within their humanity. Sometimes, though, we don’t know how to think beyond societal conditioning.) You can finally stop chasing goals that are not even congruent to who you are. And you can uncover what “real life” circumstances will allow you to experience your Divinity the most, and therefore create more abundance. Emma personally generates this report for you based on your Akashic Record.

Technology Audit ($500 value) Let's ensure the back-end of your business is set up in a way that will allow you to grow your empire! This bonus includes two hours of a private technology audit of your business with Emma's amazing business manager, Beth Barr-Jobson! During this audit you and Beth will review your existing technology infrastructure: what's working well, what's causing you problems, where do you need to grow. Beth will prepare a customized list of recommendations for next steps for you to use in improving your tech.  

Extensive Resource Library ($7,500 value)

  • Empire Training: Nine modules, including 30 video lessons with worksheets, on the following themes: Soul Alignment, Sacred Sisterhood, Your Next Level Mindset, Money Mindset, Energetics of Money, Manifesting Your Way, Be the Heroine, Sacred Embodiment, and Thriving in Success. 
  • Resources: Links + descriptions of all the technology and resources Emma uses in her business. 
  • Recommended Reading: Extensive recommending reading list for growing your empire.
  • YouTube Channel: Access to over 50 videos by Emma on topics ranging to owning your value, to money mindset, to growing your business. 

Unlimited access to recordings of Mastermind calls ($500 value) 

Art of Influence Training ($500 value) The Art of Influence: Sales Mindset + Transformational Selling Virtual Course is especially designed for conscious entrepreneurs who love their clients + services, and hate sales and marketing. This 4 module course WILL change your relationship to sales including: mindset, transforming the sales process, qualifying prospects, having powerful conversations, making the offer and handling objections. 

More confidence and clarity about your business (Priceless!)

Total Bonus Value: $10,000

“Emma’s coaching is on par with the best in the industry. Privately coaching with Emma taught me a lot about who I am, how I show up in the world, and, most importantly, my relationship with Faith. 

Thank you, Emma, for helping me reconnect with God, get out of my own way, and launch my career.” 

Sandra Grace | Speaker / Author / Coach 

“Emma helped me be aligned for me, and the way I am designed to do business, and no other coach has helped me be able to do that. 

I am trusting myself in my business: I don’t need the “right” script or systems, I need the approach that works for me. As a result of coaching with her, I am making more money, loving my business more, and am able to spend more time doing what I love best!” 

Dr. Jenn Cournoyer | Chiropractor

“I came to Emma during a time when I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to be doing. I was in deep conflict over my place in the world, my calling and my purpose. I own a business that was causing me a lot of stress and fear and those emotions were keeping me from fully living or expressing my gifts. 

Working with Emma over the past year, I have developed a very clear idea of where I am going, who I am, and what is mine to do in this world. I have been able to reduce my fear significantly, have grown my business and have made the time to pursue other interests like writing, speaking and going back to school!  

Emma is very honest, grounded and FUNNY! I instantly warmed to her natural candor and easy-going approach. She is a great listener but, equally good at “reigning in” when necessary. Emma helped me to learn that my soul purpose is to serve, inspire and to “heal” others. No matter what physical form that takes, as far as a “job”, my true occupation is not what I do….but who I am and what I give to others.” 

Murphy Funkhouser Capps | Kudzu Brands CEO & Creative Director

This program is by application and interview only.  

Short Answer: Because I have failed in all ways possible in business over the past 20 years. Because I wasn’t an overnight success. Because even when I had a major breakthrough in my business and grew it to multi-six figures in one year with a basic website and no email list, I STILL managed to find new and different ways to fuck it up in the years following. 

Because I get that your business is your platform for spiritual development, and that growing an empire is like peeling an onion: the more layers you add externally, the more layers you have to unpack internally. 

Here’s why mentoring with me works:  

  • I know how to create a solid sacred container (with me, you will only want to show up authentically, and share your deepest fears and desires, because with me it is safe)  
  • I am a gladiator when it comes to mindset (I see through all your stories, lady)
  • I’m a minister who embodies faith (if you’ve lost your relationship with the Universe, Spirit or God, I know how to guide you back) 
  • I understand trauma and the impact it can have on you + how you show up in your business. As a former trauma chaplain and survivor of physical, emotional and sexual abuse, I know how to hold space for ALL of you. I empower my clients to design their businesses to support their own healing and growth.
  • I’m a woman who has learned to receive and allow in business (and I will persistently, consistently invite you to receive and allow) 
  • I’m a business coach who has helped hundreds of businesses to grow (I’ve seen just about every business model out there, and more importantly, I know how to help guide you to YOUR best business model - grounded in YOUR intuition and soul) 
  • I teach you how to access your Akashic Record and the Akashic Record of your business (so that you can access the Records anytime you need to, during or after this program) 
  • I’ve got mad-genius psychic skills (I don’t need a lot of time or context to help you see what’s really going on) 

Long Answer: Let me be honest: I spent 17 years failing as an entrepreneur. I was a master of sabotaging my businesses.  

My “I’m not good enough” story had me waffling between indecision and pushing in unsuccessful ways in my business. I tried on lots of different business models that other folks created that I couldn’t get to work for the life of me. I thought that any resistance I was feeling was a sign from the Universe that I shouldn’t act on my decision, or I simply refused to make big decisions for my business that would cause me to play a bigger game.  

Instead of recognizing that I am the center of my universe and the cause of my experience I let my external environment, and my inner resistance, dictate my action (or lack of action!) in my own business. I also ignored my soul and the soul of my business and what they desired for me (paying attention to those, coincidentally, is the easiest way to grow a business!).  

I’m a psychic with a seminary degree and managed to avoid integrating both of those big parts of me into my business!  

I also refused to give myself permission to want what I want because I want it. I was seriously out of touch with my own desire. Plus, I had a pretty warped concept of what it means to work with Universal Law. I definitely was leading with the masculine in my business - busying myself with proving and hustling - which got me nowhere except burnout.  

Three years ago, I grew my on-again, off-again business from an average of $500 in monthly sales to an average of $20,000 in monthly sales in 30 days and took my business to multiple-six figures within a year!  

That happened because I began leading with my soul, dropped my limiting beliefs (especially around money), and embodying my faith. I got out of my own way. I stopped following the rules. I decided to take myself seriously. I invested in faith instead of fear. I got vulnerable and learned to receive (and rely on) support from other women.  

Things were going great until I realized that what allowed me to grow a multi-six figure business wasn’t what I needed to sustain that growth.  

Seemingly overnight I was running a big business, hiring team members, launching new coaching programs, building infrastructure and focusing on things like growing an email list, online lead generation and affiliate marketing. It all felt too big, and I constantly felt behind, overwhelmed and unsure. I freaked the fuck out and my business came to a screeching halt.  

I didn’t know what to do, so I turned once again to experts who “knew better” than I did, and simply ignored my intuition when it contradicted their strategy. I had once again jumped right back into trying to follow someone else’s model - in the name of not knowing how to run a big business. Alongside that came the familiar proving and hustling energy, which led me to burn out, once again. I had no energy or attention for family, friends or community, or the things that mattered most to me.  

It took me almost a year to realize that in attempting to build the infrastructure of my business, to sustain the massive financial growth, I had stopped trusting myself and my intuition. I had stopped embodying faith.  

I was resentful of my business, my sales were almost non-existent, and I was exhausted. I was pretty sure that my business could collapse at any moment. I felt like a total and complete fraud. 

Once again, I returned to the soul of my business and my faith; I let go of contractors, clients and others not in alignment with my business; I shifted my marketing and sales strategy to allow for more ease; I simplified my coaching model; and I focused on building a life + a life-giving business.  

I decided that if my business failed because I followed my intuition, led with my soul, and lived the way I loved - I was willing to take that risk. Because that was the only way I could move forward. 

Here’s what I’m doing now, and I cordially invite you to join me: 

  • My business strategy consists of following my intuition and cultivating my faith and desire (when everyone else of me is obsessed with template growth strategies). 
  • The business model I use is alignment to my soul expression and embodying faith. 
  • I only take inspired-action. I give exquisite attention to managing what happens with my mindset + energy + emotions. 
  • I love money, and money loves me. 
  • In my business (and my life!), my primary focus is on cultivating joy, only doing what I love, and receiving and allowing (I no longer lead with proving/pushing energy.) 
  • My business has fantastic support from other powerful women entrepreneurs. 
  • And I delegate like the empire-builder I am. 

Are you ready to Grow Your Empire? This program is by application and interview only.  

How many entrepreneurs will participate in this program?
This program allows for a maximum of 10 women entrepreneurs.
Why is this program 9 1/2 months?
Because the human gestation period is traditionally considered 40 weeks or 9.5 months. This is all about you gestating a new way of being in your business. Technically this program runs 41 weeks, but who's counting?
How does the program work exactly?

  • As soon as you enroll you will have a 90-minute intensive private mentoring call with Emma to set goals and intentions for your program participation.
  • You will meet quarterly with Emma for 60 minutes of private mentoring per session (3 mentoring sessions).
  • You will participate in nine (9) monthly mastermind calls (calls are recorded if you cannot attend live).
  • You have unlimited access to a TON of Resources online, including Emma's intensive teachings on how to grow your empire!
  • The program includes a 3-day in-person retreat at the end of the program.
  • You have unlimited access throughout the program to a private Facebook Group especially designed to get coaching + support from Emma and your peers between mastermind calls.
How long are the group mastermind calls?
Approximately two hours. Everyone on the call is able to receive a hot seat each month. If you can't join us live, the calls will be recorded and distributed.
It says you’ll coach me in the Private Facebook Group, how does this work?
This program has a secret, closed Facebook group accessible only to the entrepreneurs in the program. Ask me anything. I'll answer. I take this very seriously.

One of the things I hear over and over again from people in my groups is how much they got out of the FB support and how it helped them stay motivated, stay clear, and feel accompanied in a profound way by peers. When you're in business for yourself you need a place where you can show up, be vulnerable, not feel alone and isolated, and ask for the help that you need. This is it.
How does the private mentoring with Emma work?
You have 60 minutes of private mentoring to use quarterly. Once you enroll you will be given access to my private, clients-only online calendar.
What are the Akashic Records?
The Akashic Records are an energetic database that contain an imprint of every thought, feeling, action and experience for every soul that has ever occurred in time and space. The database is also referred to as "The Book of Life" or Universal Consciousness. The records contain all knowledge of human experience and the cosmos. The Akasha field exists in the fifth dimension and is all around us. The Records have been referenced in all religions and spiritual traditions and are described as a metaphysical library or universal supercomputer. You have an Akashic Record, and your business has one as well!

"As someone who's been channeling Akashic Records professionally for 7 years now, I'm quite particular about whom I will let channel for me. I can say that Emma's skills are rock solid. During our sessions she had us both open my Records and we got answers together." Elizabeth Locey, Ph.D., Oracle, Wayshower, Mythic Midwife
Is there a guarantee? Do you offer refunds?
The short answer is no and no.

The long answer is…
  1. You are 100% responsible for your results. Do not give this power away, to me or anyone else. You guarantee your results. Not me. I will coach my ass off. You need to do the work.

  2. Refunds are a way out. To break through your barriers you absolutely must commit. You don't need a way out. You don't need to test the waters. You need to be all in.

  3. I go all in. I'm going to be giving you so much of my heart and soul, my time and energy, that there's just no universe in which I'd give you a refund. Instead of refunding your money, I'll just make Grow Your Empire incredible for you. Rest assured in THAT. This is the way every other entrepreneur in this program has proceeded. No refunds. No exceptions.

If this is a group program, won't I get lost in the shuffle?
No way! I have great tracking systems. I know what all my entrepreneurs are up to. I know what your goals are. (Not in a big sister way. In a great coach kind of way.) That said… it's up to you to actively participate. This means asking questions when you need help, posting your work, and participating in the accountability container I've created for you. Do that and you'll be golden.
When and where does the in-person retreat take place?
The retreat will take place the first Monday - Thursday of the final month of the program. If your program ends on May 15th, for example, your retreat will happen at the beginning of May, starting on that first Monday. The retreat has a Monday afternoon arrival, Thursday morning departure. The retreat will take place in a large home designed to host retreats (i.e. not hotels) surrounded by nature, with beautiful vistas in Asheville, North Carolina. Accommodation and meals are included.

More questions? Email and we’ll get them answered!