Have you ever wondered how to create money immediately? It has very little to do with your prospective clients or customers, or your marketing strategy, or your sales funnel. It has almost everything to do with what I’m sharing with you in this short video…

In this video I’m sharing with you the money mindset strategy I use when I need to create money immediately in my business. This money mindset strategy, Create Urgency, is about how to create money NOW, not later (because who likes later?)

To create new results in your business your urgency must come from your desire, not from your fear. When your urgency in your business comes from fear – from lack and scarcity, rather than from desire – your thoughts, your actions and your decisions in your business also come from a place of fear and that will never serve to grow your business.

That happens because whenever we take an action and make a choice, the consequence is going to reflect the energy of that choice.

I had a beautiful example of that with one of my clients. When we began, she knew she wanted to transition from being a massage therapist to being an intuitive health coach but had no idea how to package her services, market or sell them.

She couldn’t even tell me her elevator pitch. She had spent almost 7 years trying to launch a coaching practice on her own, using the DIY model, and never secured a single client.

So we created a coaching package for her to sell and I walked her through the basics of how to market it in her immediate community and gave her the basic outline of a sales conversation. Then we spent a lot of time looking at her resistance and her desire and moving her energy from fear to faith.

She had a huge breakthrough around moving through her own resistance and stepping into her desire, and in the following week she sold three $5,000 coaching packages, in HER FIRST THREE sales conversations.

That’s how important it is to make sure your mindset is rock solid in your business.

I’m not suggesting you don’t need to know how to run a business, and do marketing and sales – you absolutely do, and this is part of what I teach in my coaching packages. What I’m suggesting is that WHO YOU BE in your business has a significant effect on your bottom line.

My client chose to keep her focus on her desire. She became obsessed with it – and by that I mean all of her obsessive thoughts (what she thought about in the shower, while driving, while she was cooking) were obsessively directed toward her white hot desire.

Her urgency to make money in her business came from desire, not from her fear. And that is the change that she needed in order to get different financial results in her business.

Your desire will never fail you – because it is directly connected to your purpose and it will always tell you WHAT to do.

In my coaching with entrepreneurs I do a LOT around your BEING-NESS and mindset in your business – because even if you have the perfect marketing and sales funnel and product or service you are NOT going to get the results you want in your business if your stories or limiting beliefs or resistance are running the show, or if you are not in right relationship with your desire and your faith.

In other words, how you BE in your business is going to dictate how you take action in your business, and action is what creates results.

Here’s an exercise for you to do to create urgency.

Begin by delineating where the urgency each day in your business is coming from – is it coming from fear or desire? For example, as you are getting ready to take an action in your business, ask yourself, “Am I taking this action because I am afraid I won’t be able to pay my bills or because it is in my heart to take this action to move me closer to my desire?”

P.S. Be sure to let me know in the comments your biggest takeaway! (I respond to every comment personally.)

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