So many of us admire other entrepreneurs who just seem to ooze confidence with everything they do. We wish we could be more like them, take more risks, and stop allowing fear to lead our business. We wish we were more naturally confident. But here’s the thing – confidence is not an inherent trait in our DNA.

You actually have to LEARN confidence and courage – it is a skill that you can learn. You can learn to be brave and courageous and social. In this video we’re diving into Money Mindset Strategy #18 – Learn Courage.

Once you master courage in your business you become unstoppable!

The way you become more courageous is by doing things you are scared to do.

The way you learn courage is to be afraid of something and do it anyway. The only way you get over your fear is to constantly do something while you are afraid of doing it. Each progressive time you get less afraid.

So if you’re saying to yourself: “When I become a confident person, I’ll do this,” or “Once I know how to do this, then I’ll do it,” then STOP IT.

Courage is a muscle – you grow it with practice. You have to begin something before you are ready. You can’t wait for the idea to be perfect, or to have enough confidence. Because those things never come by waiting.

You have to start BEFORE you are ready, and trust that you will become the person you need to be along the way.

You have to commit to yourself – decide to structure your life around your purpose. Decide you are going to innovate as much as you need, and work as much as you need to, to structure your life around doing your purpose.

Because TIME is a non-replaceable currency. You can never get it back. This is your great life. Choose to lead it with courage.

Think about one thing you could today that would cause you to stretch your muscle of courage. Maybe it’s picking up the phone and calling a prospect, or inviting yourself to speak on someone else’s stage, or create a sales page, or challenging a client or prospect.

Then go do it! And let me know what happened.

P.S. Be sure to let me know in the comments your biggest takeaway! (I respond to every comment personally.)

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