What does it take to Manifest?

Actually manifesting what you want can be scary, because with it comes responsibility.

Each manifested outcome brings with it more responsibility. After all, having consciousness of what is possible for us to achieve and create makes it hard for us to accept living less than our full potential.

And, as you may have already figured out for yourself, just changing at the level of thought is NOT enough to manifest new results.

You have to take new action.

We manifest new results when we take aligned action. In other words, action that is aligned to our soul expression. So, let’s break down what that actually means.

There are three reasons why we don’t manifest our desired outcomes. These happen at the level of the spiritual, the ego and the physical:

1.       What we want is incongruent to who we are, at Soul-level, and would thus not allow us to experience our Divinity. (Spiritual)Inspirational Typographic Quote - Find yourself and be that

True manifestation is really about what supports us best in our divine self-expression. When things come easily and quickly to you it’s often because those things are in alignment with who you really are. To manifest more consciously, and intentionally, you have to begin with who you are at soul level, so you can figure out what to manifest based on your soul expression. Because if you don’t understand your own Divinity you can end up really stuck in manifesting and it can seem like there is no rhyme or reason to why some things work out and others don’t.

2. What we want isn’t ACTUALLY what we want at all. It’s what we think we “should” want or what we think we can have. (Ego)

Ah, winning the lottery. There are a lot of egos out there running around wanting  to manifest something, like winning the lottery!, in order to not take responsibility for themselves and their lives.

Side note: true freedom comes when we know that we can generate money anytime, anywhere we need. (I’ll talk more about that in future blog posts).

So, if you really want freedom what is the best way to manifest freedom based on your divine self-expression? For most, it’s not actually winning the lottery. It’s more about expressing yourself fully in all aspects of your life because that will always cause you to feel free.

3. We’re not taking congruent action. (Physical)

Congruent action is action aligned to your divine self-expression. If you don’t fully understand your divine self-expression it’s super hard to figure out what kind of action to take to support your manifesting process. So, begin with who you are at soul level and then take action based on that understanding.

Also, you don’t have to wait six months or three years or any amount of time before you can have what you want. You want it now. Therefore, it is available now. You just have to become congruent to it, through action.

Our desired reality already exists. We just have to vibrationally align to it. So, if we’re not manifesting what we want because have not yet vibrationally aligned to it.

In next week’s blog post I’ll talk about how to vibrationally align to what you want.

Until then, leave your comments and questions below so I can sure to address them next week!

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