In case you’re wondering what I read and listen to, to keep my giant brain primed for success and abundance, I’ll let you take a peek into what I’ve been reading and the podcasts I’ve been following this year!

Headphones on stack of booksI listen to audio books and podcasts whenever I am in the car (or sometimes even exercising), because this helps my practice of disciplining my mind – especially when it comes to my money mindset.

Here’s a GIANT SECRET: you will ALWAYS need to manage your money mindset. There will never be a time when you just magically arrive at the promised land of money pouring into your bank account and you never have to think about it again. You will always need to steer your subconscious and conscious mind towards abundance. So, if you’re going to pick any particular topic on which to discipline your mind, choose money first.

It’s often in those “off” moments – driving, showering, washing dishes, etc. – when we can easily go into a tailspin of fear and not knowing. Over the years I have found that focusing my mindset during these off moments has the greatest impact on growing my business and cultivating abundance.

So, here are my lists for 2017:

Want to download these lists to reference later?

Here are my go-to Podcasts for 2017:

Here are some of the best books that I read in 2017:


You may be wondering how it is that I have read this much in 8 months on top of running a business and having a life. I have just two words for you: audio books. I love me some!

What have you been reading and listening to this year? Comment below!

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