Truth Talk for Conscious Entrepreneurs

What if it was easy to make money in your business?

What if it was actually easy to make money in your business? The first time I heard one of my coaches say that my initial response was to think to myself, “F*ck you and your multi-7 figure business. Of course it’s easy for you to make money, but you’re not where I...

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The hidden secret for success in business

In my last few blogposts I talked about how resistance can negatively impact your business in some profound ways. Recognizing forms of resistance is an important first step – and remaining an interested observer to your own resistance. But then what? How do you...

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Why being uncomfortable is good for business

Every single entrepreneur I have ever interacted with struggles with resistance. Resistance is simply your ego (your survival instincts) stepping into to try and stop you whenever you do something new. For the ego, new is bad and dangerous. Staying the same is good...

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