Yeah, I know, authenticity is being way over-used today in the world of marketing. We’re all supposed to be more visible and more authentic and more accessible. It makes me want to gag a little too, because mainstreaming authenticity is just: weird.

But here’s the truly brilliant part about being more authentic. It allows for more abundance. And there’s a very specific reason why. Learn more in this short video…

The money mindset strategy, Be 100% Authentic, is super powerful for creating abundance in your business. Think about it:

If you weren’t ashamed of who you are what would be possible? You would be overwhelmed by abundance and your own success.

You must be willing to be 100% authentic in every aspect of your business – especially in sales conversations. Until your wall comes down, your prospects’ wall won’t come down.

Many times entrepreneurs who are not willing to be 100% authentic in their sales conversations have a fear of rejection, which stems from shame.

“Shame derives its power from being unspeakable.”
Brené Brown, Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable
Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead

What this means is that the more willing you are to be honest with yourself about your fears, and about where your shame stems from, the less your shame impacts you. The more you give voice to it, the less it controls your voice – and your sales (the lifeblood of your business)!

In sales, you have to be able to master the art of influence to work with you, work for you, and buy services and products from you.

In other words, if your primary concern is that you don’t want to be pushy or arrogant, you will never master the art of influence. Being concerned with being pushy or arrogant stems from insecurity.

When we are insecure, we are trying to get love from other people. When we are insecure, having someone say no to us and cut us off feels extremely painful. We don’t want a prospect to say no to us because we need acceptance in order to feel worthy and valued. When you go into business for yourself this is a very big problem!!

To be a successful entrepreneur, and to influence others, you have to be really solid in who you are, and really not care what others think, so that you can fulfill the vision that you have for your business!

If you’re ready to release your shame, try this:

Create a daily practice, at the end of each day, of writing down 3 things that you liked about yourself that day. They don’t have to be big things – like I am a kind person – they can be small – like I didn’t lose my temper in traffic, or I am making the effort to try this exercise even if I’m not sure it will work.

Keep at this practice for a minimum of 21 days, because it takes 21 days to create an energetic tipping point. The goal is to bolster your self-esteem, so that you begin to release the need for approval from other people.

P.S. Be sure to let me know in the comments your biggest takeaway! (I respond to every comment personally.)

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