I’m Emma Churchman, a business mentor
with a seminary degree and mad-genius psychic skills.


True story: being a trauma and hospice chaplain taught me to be a brilliant business mentor.

I have helped hundreds of people to prepare for death and die; and I’ve supported thousands of family members in grief.

It may seem crazy but I see working with the dying as one of the greatest lessons I had in terms of learning to be a business mentor and let me tell you why!

What I discovered is that the way someone chooses to die is a reflection of how they choose to live. The death cycle is a spiritual journey. If you live in fear, scarcity and overwhelm you will likely die this way as well. If you live in faith you will die in peace and clarity and trust.

I see being in business as a spiritual journey as well. In order to grow a business there is tremendous personal growth that has to happen.

When you are in business for yourself you are continually dying to the person you were in order to become the next version of yourself. And how you deal with that death and rebirth cycle – how you choose to move through that doorway open in front of you – will make or break your business.

A lot of entrepreneurs get stuck in the beginning of the death cycle and can’t move forward towards rebirth – and that perpetuates fear, anxiety and tension and actually makes the situation worse. I’ve seen entrepreneurs stay stuck for YEARS unwilling to make a decision or change their relationship to fear.

I’m a spiritual director for conscious business.

I’m here to support you in moving through doorways into your greatest soul expression and an abundant business!

I’ve broken all the rules in order to create my successful empire.

  • I grew a multi-six figure business OFFLINE before transitioning to an online platform (and my colleagues are blow away by this).
  • My business strategy consists of following my intuition and cultivating my faith and desire (when everyone else of me is obsessed with template growth strategies).
  • The business model I use is alignment to my soul expression.
  • I only take inspired-action. I give exquisite attention to managing what happens with my mindset + energy + emotions.
  • In my business (and my life!), my primary focus is on cultivating joy, only doing what I love, and receiving and allowing (I no longer lead with proving/pushing energy.)
  • And I delegate like the empire-builder I am.


I was an overnight success, and it only took me 17 years to get there!

I became a master of sabotaging my business.

My “I’m not good enough” story had me waffling between indecision and pushing in unsuccessful ways in my business. I tried on lots of different business models that other folks created that I couldn’t get to work for the life of me.

I thought that any resistance I was feeling was a sign from the Universe that I shouldn’t act on my decision, or I simply refused to make big decisions for my business that would cause me to play a bigger game.

Instead of recognizing that I am the center of my universe and the cause of my experience I let my external environment, and my inner resistance dictate my action (or lack of action!) in my own business. And I refused to give myself permission to want what I want because I want it. I was seriously out of touch with my own desire. Plus, I had a pretty warped concept of what it means to work with universal law.

Three years ago, I grew my on-again, off-again business from an average of $500 in monthly sales to an average of $20,000 in monthly sales in 30 days and took my business to multiple-six figures within a year!

Today, this is the primary focus of my work with clients:

  • to align your soul mission with every aspect of your business
  • to empower your mindset + energy + emotions to align with your vision
  • to take right action in your business that creates abundance!

The bottom line is I help conscious entrepreneurs get good with who they are and how they show up on this planet.

I mentor conscious entrepreneurs for this ONE reason:

I believe it is our right and our responsibility as conscious entrepreneurs to up-level consciousness on this planet. And I believe we have the power to do so right now!

If you are a conscious entrepreneur interested growing your business, click here to get started.

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