Episode Overview:

In the first episode of Cleared for Profit, Emma talks about what led her to investigate the role trauma plays in the businesses led by conscious entrepreneurs and shares some of the ways that her own experiences of trauma have affected her mindset and business.

“I am not enough”
“If they see me they will hurt me”
“Asking people to give me money is wrong or bad”
“I can’t trust anyone”
“People won’t like the real me”

Do any of those sound familiar?  We will be exploring these and other trauma-messages during this podcast series with a list of amazing guests and unpacking a wholistic approach to healing your trauma to grow your business.

Upcoming Guests

  • Melissa Binkley, Founder of the Intuitive Intelligence Academy
  • Judy Schneider, Healing Through Horses Retreat Leader and Coach
  • Winnie Anderson
  • Julie Foucht
  • Therese Skelly
  • Rashida Gaye
  • Jerome Braggs
  • Jeffrey VanDyke
  • Sarah Shoemaker
  • Marisol Colette


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