Taking new action in your business is guaranteed to activate the #1 thing that will stop you from making more money. And unless you know what to look for, you will slowly bring your ability to make money to a screeching halt every time you start taking new action.

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The #1 thing you have got to be aware of when taking new action is Resistance.

Resistance can show up in all kinds of creative ways. It is your ego trying to keep you safe.

And the way the ego keeps you safe is by keeping you the same.

The ego freaks out when you begin to do anything new. Your survival instincts freak out like a toddler freaks out.

Resistance can look like: demotivation, confusion, blank brain, forgetfulness, research and planning, procrastination, drama, lack of resources, excuses, magical thinking, thinking you are special and above doing the work, abdication, terror, or depression.

So in business when you begin to take new action your ego gets really uncomfortable, really quick, because it doesn’t like anything new and different.

To the ego, to your survival instincts, new is dangerous and bad. And your ego wants to shut you down as quickly and efficiently as possible using its most powerful tool – resistance.

You can’t transform the ego – tap your resistances away, blast through your limiting beliefs, you can’t just heal your way through your own survival instincts.

Just accept this is part of your transformational process – when you start to do something new your survival instincts will kick in and you will encounter resistance. It’s really powerful to just acknowledge that process and not try to change it.

If you have a pattern of starting and stopping and not following through your ego is going to be pretty convinced it can stop you (because it has in the past!)

If we don’t understand our ego resistance, we misinterpret it, doubt it, think it’s not your path – the universe doesn’t want you to, this must not be what you actually want, and there must be something wrong with you – this is a really toxic pattern that I see with a lot of conscious entrepreneurs — the stop and start pattern – thinking there is something wrong with you.

Resistance does not mean there is anything wrong. Resistance means that transformation is straight ahead. In fact the more resistance you are in, the more transformation is happening!

If there is no resistance you are not evolving and you’re not going to get new results in your business.

Resistance is GOOD for your business! Recognize when resistance is showing up, acknowledge it as a sign that you are moving towards something new, and then do not let it stop you.

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