Being Uncomfortable Is Good For Business

Every single entrepreneur I have ever interacted with struggles with resistance. Resistance is simply your ego (your survival instincts) stepping into to try and stop you whenever you do something new. For the ego, new is bad and dangerous. Staying the same is good and safe.

Resistance, when not managed properly, can quickly stop you in your tracks in your business.

As an entrepreneur, you must master your own resistance mechanisms – recognize them, and then not allow them to stop you from moving forward and taking new action.

Here’s how:

Tips for managing resistance:

Tip #1:  Expect resistance and look for it so you can clearly identify it.

Resistance can be hard to recognize and the form of resistance can change very frequently – even weekly!

Forms of resistance that I commonly see in entrepreneurs include: Demotivation, Confusion, Blank Brain, Forgetfulness, Research and Planning, Procrastination, Drama, Lack of Resources, Excuses, Magical Thinking, Thinking you are Special and above doing the work, Abdication, Terror, and Depression.

Which of these forms of resistance affect you? How can you become aware, quickly, when they surface?

Tip #2:  Be an interested observer to your own resistance, and do not self identify with it.

Rather than saying I am so unmotivated and I need to do other things first say to yourself, Oh, how interesting, resistance is showing up to try and stop me right now. How about that?

The more conscious you are of your resistance mechanisms the better you get at spotting them and you learn to work through them, and then your ego starts learning that it can’t stop you.

By the way your resistance says nothing about you and the essence of who you are. It’s simply your survival instincts kicking in. Because your ego wants to keep you safe, which means it wants to keep you the same.

Tip #3: Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

The most powerful thing you can do to support yourself in your business is get comfortable with being uncomfortable. There’s a saying in the entrepreneurial world: New Level = New Devil.

This means that every time you step out and do something new in your business new funkier forms of resistance and subconscious mindset crap will surface for you to deal with. There is never EVER going to be a point at which you have simply ARRIVED in your evolution. You will always be in growth as an entrepreneur. (Note: if you are not currently feeling growing pains then you’re probably in resistance or denial.)

Your survival instincts, time and time again, are going to do everything in their power to keep you safe, to keep you the same. And they do this by putting up resistance.

You will be less impacted by resistance if your ego wants TRANSFORMATION more than it wants to be safe and comfortable.

The best way to get comfortable with being uncomfortable with growth in your business, is to keep your focus on your desire more than your fear. Because your desire – what you most deeply want for yourself and your business – is going to help motivate you through all kinds of resistance..

What do you desire for your business? Comment below and let me know.

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