Meet Jeeves

When I was a child I was taught that desire was inappropriate and wrong. I was taught that what I wanted for myself was less important than what everyone else in my family wanted and needed. And I learned that the only way to survive in my family of origin was to ignore my own wants and desires.

This past year I spent a LOT of time sorting through the impact that childhood teaching has had on my life and business. To be honest, I actually had to re-learn how to be in relationship with my wants and desires.

Giving myself permission to have desire has had a HUGE impact on myself and my business.

Enter Jeeves: the Mercedes-Benz SUV I bought myself for Christmas.

Picture of Mercedes SUV, from the front, in the woods
These are the stories I had to blast through in order to acquire Jeeves:

  • My needs/wants/desires are not important.
  • It’s not safe to celebrate.
  • I will be punished if I am visible.
  • People who drive luxury cars are shallow and self-centered.
  • Being self-centered is wrong and bad.
  • Who the f*ck am I to own a Mercedes?
  • I don’t deserve to spend money on myself.
  • I have to continue to struggle, because struggle is GOOD.
  • People who think life can be easy are BAD and entitled.

I had the money and the desire four months ago to purchase Jeeves. But it took me FOUR MONTHS to blast through these stories in order to make the purchase.

Four. Frigging. Months.

And I am a mindset coach.

That’s HOW DEEP these stories ran inside of me.

Luckily my business coaches both specialize in mindset and were able to see what was really going on and help me blast through this stuff.

Every time you up level in your business a new set of stories will surface for you to look at and clear. That’s how this stuff works. There’s never going to be a point where you’re story-free, where you have just evolved. Being an entrepreneur is a spiritual journey – it’s you, on an evolutionary path – growing deeper and clearer within yourself. When you can embrace that part of entrepreneurship, anything is possible.

Who you are in your business matters. Doing the inner work in your business matters. Celebrating your accomplishments in your business matters.

Sometimes we actually keep more money from coming into our business because it’s easier (even though we SAY we don’t like it) to be in scarcity and lack. Because then we’ve got a legitimate excuse for not having to confront our stories around money or having what we want. Really ask yourself: are you holding yourself back in your business because you are afraid of dealing with your stories?

Bringing Jeeves into my household has been all about reminding myself every day that desire is GOOD, that I deserve luxurious support, and that I am worthy. Jeeves also reminds me that I can create whatever I want, whenever I want it – that I am powerful, and fully connected with the Universe.

If your stories are running your business and keeping you playing small, let’s talk. Because, if you’re anything like me, you’re going to need some professional help to get out of your own way.

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