I asked a girlfriend of mine how she wanted to celebrate her birthday with me, thinking that we would go out for dinner, or maybe an art opening, or something otherwise normal and friendly.

She wanted to go to a late-night burlesque show.

Keep in mind, my friend is an ex-hippie/punk rocker who has always walked on the wild side.

So I said yes, because what the hell? And I thought it would be fun to observe the shadow side of sexuality, because I’ve been doing a lot of exploration into the shadow side of my business of late (more on this soon!).

We decided to go to the show without her husband.

Turns out it was a burlesque competition – like who can get the best audience response. I love that about Asheville, NC, where I live. We’re always on the edge of what’s possible.

Here’s what I learned about marketing from these burlesque geniuses . . .

Embodying your authentic Truth matters when you are trying to sell yourself.

There were four contestants at the burlesque show, and only one could win.

The first (a man) eliminated himself in the first round because he was funny and engaging, but there wasn’t a lot of substance to him – the audience couldn’t connect to him personally – his passion, his sexuality, his drive.

Don’t give them what you think they want.

Contestant #2 eliminated herself because she put on a STUNNING show, and showed a LOT of nudity – giving the audience exactly what she thought we wanted, but she was so far removed to what she was doing with her body it seemed like she was just dancing for us, not for herself. And that came across as disingenuous.

Looking perfect isn’t enough.

Contestant #3 eliminated herself because her big marketing strategy seemed to be that she had a perfect body. And having the perfect package, marketing strategy and sales funnel isn’t enough if your prospects don’t get a sense of YOU.

Be Yourself, no matter what.

Contestant #4 won because she was having a rocking good time, doing exactly what she wanted to do, and she came across as engaged, passionate and authentic. And, just for the record, she was definitely not the most stereo-typically attractive one there.

So, there are some thoughts for you to consider when you are marketing your business. How can you be more authentic in your messaging? How can you connect deeply with your prospects at heart and soul level?

I’d love to hear what you come up with! Reply below.

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